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OptimusMagnus is a big time Transformers fan, if you couldn't tell by his username. However, he is very selective about what he likes: he's not a fan of the vast majority of the comics by IDW Publishing, Dreamwave Productions, Marvel Comics, 3H Enterprises; he does like some of the Fun Publications stuff. He's also not a fan of the cartoons from about halfway through Cybertron (when a certain female Decepticon showed up) through to Robots in Disguise 2015; the latter half of Beast Wars season three and the style of the Maximals in Beast Machines also disappointed him. The sad fact is, in many cases he finds Transformers only worth continuing to follow because of the toys-and not even all of those.

My Ideas


Transformers: Combiner Wars

I say keep Toxitron, Fractyl, Counterpunch, and Bluestreak as components, but replace Impactor with someone like Medix or Rook and call the team the Rejects, not an incarnation of the Wreckers. I'd rather see a Combiner Wars version of the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron toy line version of Ruination as a Wreckers combiner, with the Emirate Xaaron look and everything. Given that Takara has Ruination as a repaint of Bruticus, you might want to name him something different like Dauntless (a nod to Dauntless Maximus), unless you just want to call Ruination Baldigus. I'm also not sure what molds you'd want to use, though I'd be fine keeping Impactor as a limb and employing Roadbuster as the torso.
  • My thoughts on Combiner Wars Liokaiser/"Kaiser Zarus":
Create a new mold to serve as Leozack, one that could be reused for Megascream and maybe even a Combiner Wars version of Star Saber. Then create a Jaruga figure to serve as either armor or an additional limb that could be interchanged with one of the other Breast Force members. Having done so, employ Sky Lynx-Dezarus (with a different Combiner head of course) as the core of a new Combiner-probably King Zarus or something similar. The Breast Force limb you don't use for the more accurate Liokaiser can attach to this guy along with figures of Deathcobra (maybe a Alpha Bravo remold with Serpent O.R.'s head), perhaps a spare Dinoforce member (if they must adhere to the "five-bot only" Combiner Wars rule), and maybe a limb based on Solon's mech. One or more of those could also likely work for Soundwave's Combiner Wars toy. If we insist on keeping the six members of each Victory Combiner seen in the anime/manga, then the King Zaras Combiner could feature Deathcobra, Solon, Black Shadow, and Blue Bacchus.
I personally would rather have the color accurate version of Optimus Prime serving as the core of this Combiner, with the limbs used with "Battle Core" Optimus Prime completing the set, while Battle Core Optimus becomes a new version of Ultra Magnus. You could also enhance one or the other with a nifty add on like this one.
I find it a little sad that this guy doesn't have his own official Combiner limbs-apparently he's supposed to just steal them from elsewhere-and I have a couple of ideas. Given that he's supposed to be some guy who hunts Primes across dimensions, I figure you could use some interesting characters for his limbs: get Zombie War Breakdown and Ghost Starscream from Galvatronus, Jet Blast Off as an alternate version of the character (to explain why he's not a shuttle), and Shattered Glass Ratchet (they have the look, why not use him, am I right?)
Have it be "Battle Core" Optimus as Ultra Magnus, with Alpha Bravo, Rodimus, Smokescreen (since he's been kicked off of Lynxmaster), Unit-3, and Tigatron (the latter pair being included in this because I was disappointed by Combiner Wars Magnaboss) serving as additional components. Medix might also be a good alternate if you want to restrict the group to Generation 1 characters, who I figure could be the Elite Guard team.
I like the concept of Grand Galvatron but prefer the name Galvatronus, and I'm not a fan of all the former's components. Cyclonus, Roller, and Thrust can stay, but I'd prefer to include Offroad and Combiner Wars Terrorsaur.
I like the name Sky Reign but prefer the Lynxmaster configuration; I figure you could call the team Lynxmasters, which would totally fit with Sky Lynx's ego.
I think the group name for the official set could be Fatal Furies, which was an alternative for Elita One's group that really seems like a better fit for a Decepticon team; Megaempress and her "Four Guards" just doesn't have much of a ring to it.
Create a new set of six figures, as faithful to the original is possible. The nice thing is that Hasbro could reuse each mold multiple times, given the possibilities for Sixtrain, Rail Racer, Sixliner, and maybe even Dominus Trannis-the latter could even utilize a mold for Trannis so we'd finally have a toy for him. A pretty sick fan rendition of this Combiner can be found here.
Similar situation to Raiden, with the molds then becoming available for additional characters. I figure we could get new incarnations of Leo Prime, Beast Machines style Snarl or Alpha Trion, Thundertron, Leobreaker, Nemesis Breaker, or Alpha Trizer. Headstrong's mold could serve for Rhinox and Backstop, Rampage's could be used for Tigatron, Ravage, or Cheetor in beast forms, and so on. Depending on who you recolor/remold Razorclaw into, you could call it Maximech (for Leo Prime and other Maximals) or Corsair (for the Star Seekers) or some other name appropriate for the group in question. Not gonna lie, I would also be totally down with a Hasbro version of the fan-made Nero Rex.
A new set of figures, which could be reused for a number of functions. Off hand my main thought is for a new incarnation of the Monsterbots with a couple additional members. Wouldn't say no to a Shattered Glass repaint either, particularly if they had a Shattered Glass Computron to go with it...
I would say either a new set of figures or remolds of existing ones, possibly with Blast Off being used for Mach (and incidentally for Astrotrain n the Megascream configuration). At least one new mold would be necessary for Waver, as there isn't a boat in the Combiner Wars line. You could reuse the boat mold for Seawatch, who I see possibly taking part with the other four Micromasters in another Transformers: Victory-inspired Combiner, possibly with Victory Leo as the core if we're using Star Saber as the core of another Combiner.
A new set is definitely a must, and you already have two built-in redecos: King Poseidon and God Neptune. I did also have an idea for a Maximal/Autobot incarnation named Leviacon (a homage to the Transformers: Retribution character) with Cybershark, Depth Charge, and other ocean-based Maximals and Autobots forming the components.
I've honestly had several ideas of this one, originally involving a remolding of Combiner Wars Menasor (whom you could also recolor/remold for Sixturbo). The trick would be how to work it out; unless you want to turn Blacker into a semi-truck or extensively remold him, you've want a different central component for the five-piece style of the Combiner Wars. I'm thinking either a Star Saber from Leozack/Megascream Starscream mold as mentioned in my thoughts on how to fix Liokaiser, though you'd probably want to rename the Combiner form Star Caesar or something of that nature. If we want to stick with all the Stunticon molds-maybe create a Magnum or Thunderclash figure from Motormaster and have Blacker join Laster and Braver as limbs, perhaps with the addition of Ranger to round out the Elite Guard/Fast Attack Team from the Fun Publications stories.
You gotta have the first Combiner, am I right? Just not sure what molds would work best for his components...I suppose if you were to go off the characters upon which his Energon repaint molds were based you could do Onslaught/Hot Spot for Heatwave, Air Raid as Breakaway, Skydive as Skyfall, Blast Off as Topspin or another character to distinguish him from the Wrecker, and perhaps Nosecone as Landquake.
I was a fan of the Robots in Disguise anime, and would love to see a version of Landfill in Combiner Wars. Assuming that a figure based on his RiD appearance would be too cost effective for Hasbro to touch given their decisions so far, I'd say reusing the Devastator mold would be a good bet; just add a couple new members and rename Grimlock. You could also use this mold for Sixbuilder...just sayin'.
  • Additional Combiner Ideas:
Elita One's Team
Obscure Female Decepticons: Esmeral as the core, with Lyzack, Flamewar (a remold of Combiner Wars Groove), Howlback (repainted from Predacus Ravage), and possibly Slipstream from the "Ghost Starscream" mold in the Grand Galvatron set.
The Insecticons (might need two given how many of them there are)
Beast Wars Predacons
Female Maximals: Legend Convoy as the torso with Airazor, Crystal Widow, Sonar, and Roulette as limbs.
Female Predacons: Unnamed leader (nemesis to Legend Convoy, the Galvatron to her Lio Convoy) with Blackarachnia, Antagony, and Manta Ray as additional components; not quite sure how to complete the group.
Female Vehicons/Decepticons: Strika, Shadow Striker...not sure who else yet.
Cybertron Beast Planet Autobots
Cybertron Beast Planet Decepticons

Transformers "Blood"lines

Basically, my thoughts on which Beast Wars era characters are descended from which Generation 1 characters:



New Stuff
  • Transformers characters that need figures:
Amalgamous Prime
Autonomous Maximus
Big Bang
Big Convoy-Leo Prime's had like five different toys, Big Convoy needs some love.
Deszaras-we could use a new Deszaras figure, one that more closely matches his Victory appearance.
Predacon Galvatron-just needs some more love.
Legend Convoy
Liege Maximo
Lyzack-her own toy, not sharing with her bro.
Magmatron-if you're doing a new Big Convoy, you need a new Magmatron.
Micronus Prime
Onyx Prime
Quintus Prime
Solus Prime
Mold Reuses

Other than those I've mentioned in the Combiner Wars section above, there are a number of Transformers mold reuses I think would be pretty cool. Among these are various cancelled repaints/remolds or designs that have only appeared in print or animation rather than in toy form:

  • Official Ideas:
The cancelled BotCon Wreckers: Obsidian into Rotorbolt, Transmetal Terrorsaur into Fractyl, Vehicon Mirage into Devcon, and maybe even Beast Machines Snarl into Alpha Trion.
Cancelled or visual only reuses of Beast Wars leader molds: Lio Convoy into Alpha Trion, Galvatron into Thunderwing, and Optimal Optimus into Rodimus Primal.
Dawn of Future's Past/Theft of the Golden Disk exclusives: Beast Machines Longhorn into Tantrum, Transmetal 2 Cheetor into Rampage, Transformers: Cybertron Brimstone into Divebomb, Cybertron Backstop into Headstrong, Transformers: Energon Shockblast into Cryotek, and Cybertron Shortround into pre-Beast Wars Scorponok.
Various BotCon toys that were proposed but never made: Hardshell from Classics Straxus, Megabolt and/or Overlord from Hunt for the Decepticons Mindwipe, Predaking from Tigerhawk, Twilight Sparkle Prime from Battle Unicorn, and Shokaract from Voyager Blackout.
Shattered Glass versions of Shockwave, the Terrorcons, Technobots, Mayhem Suppression Squad, Aerialbots, and Dinocons.
  • My Ideas:
From molds that have been reused before:
From Titans Return Alpha Trion with Sovereign: Ultra Trion with Alpha Magnus^ and Thundertron with Rapscallion^; maybe throw an Omega Trion in for good measure.
From Beast Wars Neo Killerpunch: Grimstone (non-Combiner) (inspired by this version)
From Beast Wars Second Leo Prime: Leonicus
From Energon Optimus Prime: Pre-Beast Machines Apelinq
From Windblade: Lyzack (those flying Transformers and their repaints, am I right?)
From molds that have only been used once (not counting Lucky Draw and rereleases):
From Air Hammer:
From Pre-Transmetal Airazor:
From Autojetter:
From Autolauncher:
From Bantor:
From Break:
From Cerberus:
From Che:
From Dead End:
From Victory Deszaras:
From Victory Fellbat: another component to the Rescue Force to help round out the Liokaiser repaint
From Victory Gaihawk: see above
From Galaxy Shuttle:
From Beast Wars Second Galvatron: Beast Megatronus and Transmetal Cryotek(?)
From Icebird:
From Longrack:
From Mach Kick:
From Magmatron: Revived Maximal Dinobot and Volcanicon (non-Combiner)
From Mechatron:
From Beast Machines Megatron:
From Titanium Megatronus: Pre-Beast Wars Protoform X
From Beast Machines Nightscream (remold):
From Noctorro:
From Optimus Minor:
From Masterforce Overlord:
From Poison Bite:
From Transmetal 2 Prowl:
From Fuzor Quickstrike:
From Beast Machines Rattrap:
From Razor Claw:
From Scarem:
From Transmetal Scavenger
From Transmetal 2 Scourge
From Mutants Soundwave
From Snapper
From Stampy:
From Terragator:
From Energon Wing Saber: Pre-Beast Wars Depth Charge and Shattered Glass Star Saber

^Denotes a character I made up.