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Quickstrike is the name of several fictional characters from the Transformers series. The first Quickstrike was regular character in the Beast Wars animated series introduced in 1998. The second was an unrelated Maximal who appeared in the Beast Machines toy line. The third Quickstrike was a minor supporting character in the Transformers: Energon series.

Beast Wars

Transformers character
Box art for Beast Wars Quickstike
Name Quickstrike
Series Transformers: Beast Wars
Alternate modes Scorpion/Cobra Fuzor
Function Desert Combat Expert
Motto "Battlin' ain't just about muscle, it's about attitude!"
Rank 6
Sub-group Basic Beasts, Fuzors

Quickstrike was a Maximal protoform who was recruited by the Predacon Megatron. His Fuzor form is a scorpion with a cobra's head acting as his tail.[1] His personality closely mimics a "Wild West" gunslinger, and even talks in the typical gunslinger drawl with phrases like "what in tarnation!" and "giddy-up". He would be accidentally killed along with Inferno at the end of the series by Megatron with the weapons of the Nemesis. His snake-head shot out a type of paralyzing cyber-venom as well as laser blasts.

Quickstrike stands 2 meters tall and weighs 1.5 tons. He has a top running speed of 60 kilometers per hour in beast mode, but 70 kilometers per hour in robot mode.

Animated series

The Maximal who would become Quickstike was among the crew of the Maximal research ship Axalon. He was placed protoform stasis for their mission, to be brought back online when needed.

Quickstrike's stasis pod was among those who were launched into orbit around prehistoric Earth in the Beast Wars series pilot.[2]

Appearing after the apparent death of Optimus Primal, Quickstrike's DNA scanner was damaged by the energy wave that created the transmetals. Scanning a cobra and scorpion, it combined them to create his beast mode. Along with his follow Fuzor Silverbolt, they were recruited as Predacons by Megatron. Although Silverbolt quickly left the Predacons, Quickstike remained with them.

Blackarachnia first encountered Silverbolt when she was setting up an energon mining post with Tarantulas and Quickstrike.

Tarantulas betrayed Megatron by having Quickstrike (who was using a device to control the massive power of Optimal Optimus) hurl the helpless Megatron into a lava pit.

In the finale, Inferno led Quickstrike and Waspinator in search of a new "colony" after the Predacon Base was destroyed by Tigerhawk. Inferno decided that the caves of the humans would be suitable and he and Quickstrike attacked the base, after Waspinator defected. As Inferno tried to annihilate the human leader, Megatron appeared in the skies onboard the Decepticon warship, the Nemesis to take revenge on the human, and unknowingly destroyed Inferno and Quickstrike in the process, blowing them to pieces with one blast. His parts along with Quickstrike's were later used by the human settlement as tools (notably his head is comically used as a bongo drum).


IDW Publishing

Quickstrike had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[3]

TFcon comics

Quickstrike, Blackarachnia and Waspinator discover the Constructicons in Dark of Wreckening

Quickstrike appears in the TFcon 2012 live script reading prelude comic Days of Wreckening. In this story Blackarachnia, Quickstrike and Waspinator discover three Constructicons on prehistoric Earth and are confronted by the Maximals and Wreckers .[4]



  • Beast Wars Basic Fuzor Quickstrike (1998)
A new mold.

Beast Machines

This Quickstrike is a Maximal who transforms into a Techno-organic wolf. He is depicted as a different character from the Predacon, and his bio notes that he "[w]ill only work with Blackarachnia, though there's no love lost between them."


  • Beast Machines Quickstrike (2000)
A new mold that has not yet been reused.

Transformers: Energon

Transformers character
Energon Quickstrike toy
Name Quickstrike
Series Transformers: Energon
First appearance Force of Habit by Fun Publications
Alternate modes Helicopter
Motto "A solid plan of attack is more powerful than the cannon or sword."
Rank 8

Quickstrike is an Autobot who turns into a helicopter.

Fun Publications

Quickstrike appeared in the text story from Fun Publications called Force of Habit. This story explained where he was during the events of the Cybertron story. Ultra Magnus was the commander of various Autobot ships sent to other planets in search for the Cyber Planet Keys. He also served as captain of the Iron Hope which was crewed by Bonecrusher, Grimlock, Ironhide, Knock Out, Overcast, Prowl, Quickstrike, RipTide, Skyblast, Smokescreen, Swoop, Wreckage and the Sky Scorcher Mini-Con Team.[5][6]


  • Energon Quickstrike (2005)
A recolor of Energon Bulkhead.

Shattered Glass

Transformers character
Created by

Species Transformer
Sex Male


Alternate mode

Giant cobra

One toy concept for a BotCon 2011 was Shattered Glass Quickstrike made from Beast Wars Neo Cohrada in the colors of Quickstrike with a character inspired by Beast Wars Silverbolt.[7]


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