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Skyblast is the name of three fictional characters from the Transformers series. The first Skyblast is a Mini-Con who turns into a rocket who was introduced in 2002 as part of the Transformers: Armada line.

Transformers: Armada

Transformers character
Armada Skyblast in Dreamwave comics
Name Sky Blast
Japanese name Apollo
Series Transformers: Armada
Transformers: Energon
Alternate modes Rocket
Gender Male
Motto "Blast off!"
Partner Astroscope, Payload, Ultra Magnus, and Knock Out
Sub-group Space Team

Sky Blast is a hothead who is always rushing into battle without a second thought.

Animated series

Sky Blast is the leader of the Mini-Con Space Team which includes also Astroscope and Payload; these three Mini-Cons can link up in the over-powerful firearm named the "Requiem Blaster". Sky Blast first appeares in episode #28, called "Awakening". He is discovered by the human allies of the Autobots in a tunnel just under the A-Base. His behaviour seems to them to be extremely strange at first, because he tries to outrun and, when rounded up by the boys, fires at them. They even think him to be an awful coward. With a great difficulty the kids succeed in bringing Sky Blast to the Autobot Base and then in persuading him to help Optimus Prime to defeat Megatron. When Optimus seems to be doomed, Sky Blast sings an eerie tune which awakens the other two Minis in the set that forms the "Requiem Blaster". He does it just in time to save Optimus Prime's life. But in spite of this, he and his friends remain the zealous pacifists. They try even to hide from all the Transformers, and the kids help them to find a hideout. But it turns out to be impossible for them to stand aside the war. Soon Sky Blast and his comrades find themselves in Megatron's hands. The Lord of the Decepticons seizes them during the raid on the A-Base and almost kills Smokescreen who does his best to defend them. Then Megatron uses them as the weapon against the Autobots till Thrust steals them in order to awaken Unicron.

Sky Blast last appears in episode #52, called "Mortal Combat".

Dreamwave Productions

In Transformers: Armada #9-11 by Dreamwave Productions the Space Team were among the Mini-Cons who survived crashing on Earth's moon. Under the leadership of Dualor they built a fortress there and defended it from an attack by Megatron, Starscream, Thrust and Cyclonus. Once Megatron overpowered the base the Mini-Cons escaped to Earth.

Skyblast appeared among the Mini-Cons in issue #18 of the Transformers: Armada comic book who aided Over-Run using the Mini-Con Matrix in the defeat of Unicron.

According to the author of Space Teams's bios in the More Than Meets the Eye series Payload is based on the Marvel Comics hero The Thing, Skyblast on the Human Torch and Astroscope on Mister Fantastic.


  • Armada Sky Blast (2002)
He was available in a set of the Mini-Con Space Team.
A special Target store exclusive bonus pack of Armada Jetfire with Comettor came with the Space Team Mini-Cons Payload, Skyblast and Astroscope.
  • Energon Mini-Con Sky Blast
The Mini-Con Space Team was repackaged in Energon and then recolored and included with Energon Ultra Magnus.
  • Universe Skyblast (unreleased)
Redecos of the Space Team was to be partnered the unreleased Universe Decepticon Spacewarp.

Transformers: Energon

Transformers character
Energon Skyblast toy
Name Skyblast
Japanese name Air Glide
Series Transformers: Energon
Alternate modes Cybertronian Jet Fighter
Gender Male
Motto "My greatest ally is the sky itself." (Hasbro)
"Those fast enough are always remembered first." (Takara)
Rank 5
Sub-group Omnicon

Skyblast pays a homage to the Generation 1 version of Jetfire.

Fictional biography

Skyblast is the brash young hot-head of the Omnicon group. 'Shoot first and ask questions later' is the philosophy he carries with in most situations when he's not completely comfortable. His fellow Omnicons practically have to gang up on him just to keep him from rushing headlong into the most dangerous of situations. He could get away with this cavalier attitude on Cybertron because he was in his element. Besides that, he always had more than sufficient back-up as the Autobots predominantly controlled the parts of Cybertron he patrolled since he first came on-line. Skyblast, like the other Omnicons, has much adjusting to do to Earthen atmosphere terrain. Although he is a highly skilled and talented flyer and just as adept in the air on Earth as he was on Cybertron. Capable of great speed during flight. In jet mode, his aerial maneuvers are considered an art form by his Autobot allies and Decepticon enemies. In robot mode, he possesses a powerful arsenal of piercing Energon weapons that he wields with great confidence and grace. His favorite weapon is an Energon claw, which he has used to humble some of the toughest Decepticons. It is also used for excavating raw Energon. He possesses an affinity with Energon which has yet to be clarified. All Omnicons can harness raw Energon into Energon chips which can be used by Autobots for extra power or turned into special weapons for combat. Although Skyblast is a skilled tactician and warrior, he feels that his time is better spent practicing his famed aerial stunts.

Animated series

While Omnicons were formerly Autobots and Decepticons, these two sides set aside their differences and left Cybertron with Team Rodimus. The Omnicons eventually began working together to mine energon, the energy-rich mineral needed to power Transformers and their technology. Invaluable to the Transformers because of their unique ability to handle, shape and process raw energon, which is damaging to normal Transformers, the Omnicons created the Cybertron cities as only they can. There are three distinct body types shared among the Omnicon ranks, but unlike the Terrorcons, each Omnicon possesses an individual mind of his own.


Dreamwave Productions

In the Transformers: Energon comics the Omnicons had a very different origin. Just as the Energon comic Terrorcons were singular individuals, the Omnicons are four young Autobots who were trained by the Mini-Con Over-Run. They are described as the next stage of Transformer evolution. Unlike the animated series, there were only ever the four Omnicons. Their first major appearance was in Energon #25 where they had been sent to Earth by Optimus Prime. Unfortunately their inexperience antagonized relations with the Earth governments, forcing Prime to send them to Hot Shot for training. He had little success, as the only command they obeyed was his frustrated "get lost!" They did in the Canadian wilderness, and were promptly ambushed and taken prisoner by Snow Cat, hoping to take advantage of their energon manipulation for Scorponok. Only by learning to work together as a team did they escape and eventually defeat Snow Cat.

They subsequently appeared locating an underwater energon source with Kicker, but were attacked by Mirage, Sharkticon and Slugslinger, with the Omnicons being taken out. Kicker managed to recharge them enough to drive off their foes.

Dreamwave's closure prevented any other tales being told of the Omnicons, but it is known that issue 33 would have had them battling an even more dangerous foe - Starscream, reborn as an energon phantom.

Fun Publications

Skyblast appeared in the text story from Fun Publications called "Force of Habit." This story explained where he was during the events of the Cybertron story. Ultra Magnus was the commander of various Autobot ships sent to other planets in search for the Cyber Planet Keys. He also served as captain of the Iron Hope which was crewed by Bonecrusher, Grimlock, Ironhide, Knock Out, Overcast, Prowl, Quickstrike, RipTide, Skyblast, Smokescreen, Swoop, Wreckage and the Sky Scorcher Mini-Con Team.


  • Energon Basic Skyblast (2004)
A new mold.
  • Energon Built to Rule Skyblast
Besides being made as a Deluxe sized toy, a Built to Rule Skyblast was a release that was only sold in Cincinnati for a short period of time to test the market.


Transformers character
Transformers Skyblast toy
Name Skyblast
Series Transformers
Alternate modes Jet, Cybertronian Entry Mode Protoform
Gender Male
Rank 4
Sub-group Scout Class

Skyblast is one of the many Scout-class toy recolors released in the 2007 movie toy line.

According to the biography printed in the collected Reign of Starscream books, Skyblast is nearly unmatched as a flyer. He brags a lot about his abilities and has few friends, but would lay down his life for his teammates.


IDW Publishing

Skyblast in Reign of Starscream

In Transformers: The Reign of Starscream #4 Arcee returns to Cybertron from Mars by hiding in the landing gear of Starscream's ship. Once on the planet she is discovered by Dreadwing and Payload drones, who she deactivates. Returning to an Autobot training facility she discovers Clocker, who takes her to Crosshairs. Crosshairs is planning an attack to free the Autobots at Simfur. They make their attempt aid of Wingblade, Skyblast, Breakaway and Strongarm. Skyblast appears among the Autobots opposing the forces Starscream on Cybertron in issue #5.[1]

The appearance of Skyblast is modified in the IDW Publishing stories so that his head more resembles movie style's alien-bug-thingie style than the movie toy and he has a Cybertronian alternate mode.

Titan Magazines

Information in italics occurred in the alternate storyline where Megatron won the battle for the Allspark.

Skyblast appeared in issue #5 of the Titan Transformers magazine. As a recruit, Skyblast underwent training missions with Ironhide - said training being "attack that heavily armed Decepticon base!". Skyblast provided the covering fire for that one.

In "Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part 1" Skyblast lead the Autobots Arcee, Armorhide, Elita One, Longarm and Strongarm who in resisting the Decepticons who had conquored Earth. In part 3 Starscream and Scorponok attack the Autobots Arcee, Armorhide, Elita One, Longarm, Skyblast and Strongarm on the moon. The Autobots flee to Earth, which is exactly what Starscream hoped they'd do. In part 4 Mikaela frees Optimus Prime and freezes Frenzy just as Bumblebee gets some unexpected help fighting Megatron by the arrival of Elita One, Skyblast and Strongarm. In part 4 Mikaela frees Optimus Prime and freezes Frenzy just as Bumblebee gets some unexpected help fighting Megatron by the arrival of Elita One, Skyblast and Strongarm. In this story Skyblast resembles his scout class toy in robot mode, but assumes a Cybertronian "protoform entry mode" for his vehicle mode.

Skyblast would return in issue #22 of the Titan Transformers Magazine series in a story called "The Decepticon who Haunted Himself."


  • Transformers Scout Skyblast (2007)
A Target store exclusive, he is a silver and black recolor of Energon Skyblast.
This toy was repurposed as Shattered Glass Star Saber.


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