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Buzzclaw is a name applied to several characters in the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

IDW Publishing

The Beast Wars version of Buzzclaw is a member of the Predacons who oppose the Maximals, who appears in Beast Wars: The Gathering and Beast Wars: The Ascending. He is a Fuzor who scanned the DNA of a Mantis and a Lizard, which due to the quantum surge caused by the Vok fused together to create his beast mode.

Fun Publications

Another Buzzclaw-whether an identically named character or an early version of the Beast Wars character-is featured as a member of the Insecticons in the BotCon 2005 storyline.

Yet another Buzzclaw appeared in Beast Wars: Uprising and was close friends with Ser-Ket.


  • Buzzclaw (1998)
Figure was later recolored into Dirge and the Virulent Clones.
  • Timelines Buzzclaw (2005)
A repaint of the Beast Wars figure, which was also repainted into Transformers: Universe Repugnus.