Breast Force

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Breast Force
Breast Force Assistant Assault Commander Leozack
Universe Transformers fictional universe
Key people Deathcobra, Deathsaurus, Drillhorn, Gaihawk, Jaguar, Killbison, Leozack,
Affiliations Decepticons
Enemies Autobots

The Breast Force (or BrestForce as noted on the packaging of the associated toys) is the name given to an elite force of Decepticon from the Japanese exclusive Transformers series Transformers: Victory.[1] In the Combiner Wars toy line the group is referred to as the Destrons, which is the Japanese name for the Decepticon faction as a whole.

Transformers: Generation 1

The reason for the name Breast Force is their toy gimmick. Each Breast Forcer came with a detachable breastplate that transformed into an animal attack partner which could also transform into a weapon. What animal each Breast Force member came with was hinted at in the name (for example, Leozack came with a lion, while Gaihawk had a hawk. Deathcobra's presumably transformed into a cobra, but this was never seen onscreen).

The Breast Force was named one of the top Unfortunately Named Transformers. [2]

Liokaiser is by the far the most powerful Decepticon gestalt in the Transformers series utilizing the abilities of all 6 members in air and land combat. He has the ability to turn invisible which allowed him to gain an advantage in his battles with Star Saber and Landcross in one episode.

His preferred weapon to use in combat is the spear which he could release deadly spikes that can cut through any Autobot armor or convert it into a chain to ensnare his opponent.

He is a cold and ruthless killing machine who shows no mercy in battle. Upon his first appearance the battle turned towards the Decepticon's favor as no Autobot warrior was able to defeat him. He has only been stopped from finishing Star Saber on several occasions due to the intervention of God Ginrai and the orders of Deathsaurus.

Only Victory Leo could be considered his equal in battle in terms of ferocity and tenacity.

Breast Force members:

  • Leozack: He transforms into a green-and-grey fighter jet. His breastplate transforms into a miniature mechanical lion. He is the first member of the Breast Force to appear. He functions as Decepticon Emperor Deszaras' right-hand man and is much more competent than the bumbling leader of the Dinoforce.[3]
  • Jaruga: He transforms into a black-colored missile buggy. His breastplate transforms into a miniature mechanical jaguar. He is the stealth warrior. His specialty is ambushing his victims. Jaruga's kana differs from the kana of the previous Cassettron known as Jaguar (the Decepticon cassette known as Ravage in the English versions of Transformers), indicating that the Jaruga of Breast Force is to be pronounced as the common British pronunciation of Jaguar, while the cassette is pronounced as the American pronunciation.[4]
  • Killbison: He transforms into a gold-colored double-barrelled tank. His breastplate transforms into a miniature rampaging mechanical bison. He is the most bloodthirsty and least intelligent of the group.[5]
  • Drillhorn: He transforms into a purple-colored drill tank. His breastplate transforms into a miniature rampaging mechanical rhino. He is the strategist of the Breast Force. Like other Decepticon strategists before him, he occasionally loses sight of the little things in favor of the big picture.[6]
  • Hellbat: He transforms into a dark blue jet fighter. His breastplate transforms into a miniature mechanical bat. He is very dangerous due to his unique talent where he hypnotizes his victims. A schemer and easily the most cowardly of the group.[7]
  • Gaihawk: He transforms into a bright red fighter jet. His breastplate transforms into a miniature mechanical falcon. He was later freed by his Breast Force comrades and proceeded to massacre his guards. A violent Decepticon, he spent many episodes of Victory imprisoned. He was later freed by his Breast Force comrades and proceeded to massacre his guards.[8]
  • Deszaras: The Decepticon Emperor in Victory was also considered part of the Breast Force subgroup. Unlike his subordinates, however, Deszaras had two partners, Tiger Breast and Eagle Breast. Wired Magazine once nominated him as one 12 most ridiculous Transformers of all time.[9]
  • Deathcobra: He is an unfortunate Decepticon who only appeared in one episode. Despite having never been designed in toy form, Deathcobra's single appearance has garnered a somewhat notable[citation needed] fan following. This may be due to the integrity Deathcobra showed in his brief appearance, as well as the grief the Breast Force showed when they came upon his body. His death was directly responsible for the first combination of Liokaiser.
  • Liokaiser: The combined form of the previous six Breast Force members. Liozack forms the head and main body, Gaihawk and Hellbat form the arms, Jaguar forms the lower torso, Killbison and Drillhorn form the legs.[10]

Animated series

When Star Saber arrived shortly after Hellbat slew Deathcobra, Leozack furiously ordered the team to unleash their secret weapon: their combined form Liokaiser. Liokaiser nearly killed Star Saber, but the arrival of God Ginrai was just barely enough to force the combiner to retreat.

The Breast Force appeared in episode #4, "Unite!! Multiforce" The latest Breast Force warriors—Jaguar (Transformers), Drillhorn and Killbison -- along with Leozack and the Dinoforce made plans to attack an energy complex. Meanwhile, Jan got a physics lesson from the Multiforce about fulcrums. Suddenly, at the plant, the Decepticons struck from the air and the sea with the Dinoforce while the Breast Force members hid in the sand in ambush. The Multiforce spotted the destruction from afar and battled the Dinoforce on even terms until they formed Dinoking. Jan informed the other Autobots that there was danger and Star Saber and the Brainmasters headed out to investigate. Just as things looked bad, the Multiforce merged to form Landcross to do battle with Dinoking. Star Saber arrived to help Landcross take on Dinoking while the Brainmasters battled Killbison and Jaguar, driving away the Decepticons.

Shortly after rescuing Gaihawk, Leozack reveals to the other Breast Force members (save Hellbat) that he plans to replace the untrustworthy Hellbat with Deathcobra. Leozack mentions that he and Deathcobra had worked together in the past, and that the new arrival would be a much more reliable teammate than Hellbat. Hellbat (having spied on the others and learned of the plan) attempts to convince Deathcobra to go away. Unluckily for him Deathcobra bluntly refuses, determined to keep his word and meet with his old friend Leozack. Following an altercation, Hellbat accidentally kills Deathcobra and frames the Autobots.

In episode #23, "Fight to the Death!! Antarctic Battle", the Breast Force drains energy from the Antarctic, melting the polar ice. The Multiforce aid people trapped in a flood in South America when Star Saber orders them to meet him at a United Nations research base in the Antarctic. Wing and Mach arrive first and are confronted by Liokaiser. Waver tows in the rest of Multiforce by sea and despite forming Landcross they are outclassed by Liokaiser’s ability to turn invisible. Star Saber and Galaxy Shuttle arrive to help in the fight as Jan, Stakeout and Seawatch help evacuate the human scientists from the U.N. base. Liokaiser continues to best the Autobots in battle thanks to his ability to turn invisible, but as the Decepticon gestalt is about to finish off Victory Saber, Deathsaurus steps in and insists that he have a hand in the demise of his enemy. Star Saber takes the opportunity to take the battle to the air, matching Deathsaurus’ deadly wings with his skill. Galaxy Shuttle takes out the Decepticon energy collector with an energy blast and the Decepticons retreat in the Thunder Arrow. The humans scientists thank the Autobots for their help.

The Breast Force appeared in episode #24 "Crisis! Ambush in the Desert." Greatshot patrolled the galaxy for Decepticons and came to Earth where he spotted the Thunder Arrow. The Dinoforce attacked an oil field in Saudi Arabia for its energy. Star Saber sent the Brainmasters and Micromaster Rescue Patrol in Galaxy Shuttle. When the Autobots arrived they were ambushed by the Breast Force. Braver and Laster found it difficult to maneuver in the desert sand. The Rescue Patrol freed the human prisoners from Kakuryu. The Brainmasters formed Road Caesar, but it didn't help. Greatshot came to the rescue as Star Saber called for help. Deathsaurus arrived to take his anger out on Greatshot. Blacker injured himself saving Greatshot from an attack. Star Saber and Greatshot took on Deathsaurus and the Breast Force. Fixit did field repairs on Blacker. The Breast Force retreated when they became too injured to combine. Star Saber damaged the Thunder Arrow and Deathsaurus retreated. Braver and Laster blew up Dinoforce's energon cube stockpile and the last of the Decepticons retreated.

In episode #25 "A Deadly Battle" Blacker recovers at the Autobot Shuttle Base under the care of the Rescue Patrol. God Ginrai contacts Star Saber from space wanting to know about Blacker's injuries and offering to help if the Autobots on Earth need him. In the Thunder Arrow the Decepticons plan their next mission, with member of Breast Force wanting revenge on Greatshot and Deathsaurus closely watching Leozack. The Breast Force are sent to attack an Autobot garrison in Asia. Star Saber receives an SOS from the garrison orders the Brainmasters to remain at the base as he, the Rescue Patrol and Galaxy Shuttle respond. Blacker suspects the Autobot left without him and finds it shameful. The Breast Force focus their attacks on Star Saber and get the best of him. Blacker orders Braver and Laster to join in the fight, leaving him to protect the Shuttle Base. Liokaiser leads Star Saber into a trap where Deathsaurus is waiting. Realizing Star Saber is in danger Jan and Stakeout send an SOS, hoping Greatshot will answer. As Deathsaurus goes to deliver a fatal blow to Star Saber with his cannon God Ginrai arrives to block the blast. All the combatants are injured in the fighting and with the arrival of Braver and Laster the Decepticons flee. God Ginrai's wounds are severe and he collapses.

Liokaiser continued to be a major threat to the Autobots until he met his match in Victory Saber. In the final battle, he met his demise when he was hurled by Victory Leo into a huge energy cannon and blasted into deep space.


  • Generation 1 Liokaiser (1989)
The toy Liokaiser is notable for removing one of the major flaws of his predecessors: the ease with which a vital part (such as a foot or hand) could be lost. With the Breast Force, however, each part was incorporated into the design of the Transformer (for example, by simply flipping out a certain panel on both Killbison and Drillhorn, they would form Liokaiser's legs complete with feet). The only separate component was Liokaiser's head. His rifle is made from Killbison's turret and Jaguar's missiles. This toy was designed by Takara's Takashi Kunihiro.[11]
  • Combiner Wars Platinum Edition Liokaiser (2016)
A new version of Liokaiser created from several Combiner Wars molds, with Dezarus-repainted from Sky Lynx in colors resembling Leozack and Jaruga-serving as the torso in place of those Decepticons in order to fit in with the five piece Combiner Wars system. Guyhawk and Drillhorn retain their Japanese names and are remolded from Firefly and Brawl, while Hellbat and Killbison are renamed Fellbat and Ironbison and are remolded from Air Raid and Brawl. The set also comes with Ion Scythe, a robotic bird who transforms into a blaster for Liokaiser, which was recolored from Arms Micron Gul.