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Solon Kitakaze is a character from the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1


Solon appears in the Transformers: Victory manga, in which he is the adopted son of Dezarus taken in after an attack led by the Decepticon Emperor of Destruction resulted in the death of Solon's mother. Given cybernetics and a mecha to pilot called King Solon, the boy becomes a rival to Jan Minakaze, mirroring the rivalry between their "fathers." However, during a battle in which Dezarus combines with King Solon to become King Zarus, Solon learns the truth behind his mother's fate and abandons his "family." He later sides with the Autobots and their human allies, and is present when Dezarus' Fortress is revealed to house many Decepticon civilians-including his adoptive "mother" Esmeral-thus explaining Dezarus' determination to recover it.