Dominus Trannis

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Not to be confused with Trannis, the Decepticon warlord.

Dominus Trannis is a Decepticon Combiner.


Fun Publications

In "Ask Vector Prime", it was revealed that in one version of Robots in Disguise continuity, Rail Racer's components were reformatted by Megazarak's Robo-Smasher into Decepticons. Railspike's body was used to give life to Astrotrain, Rapid Run was infused with the personality component of a Predacon to become Steamhammer, and Midnight Express was replaced by Loco. Dominus Trannis would go on to serve in Megazarak's twisted schemes until, after efforts to revive the members of Team Bullet Train proved fruitless, he was destroyed by an aggrieved Defensor. [1]


No toy for Dominus Trannis was ever released, but his design is repainted from Rail Racer. [2]