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Perceptor is the name of four fictional characters from the Transformers series.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Transformers Perceptorl in box
First appearance

The Transformers issue 17 by Marvel Comics
Created by

Voiced by

Paul Eiding
Species Transformer
Gender Male


Alternate mode

Microscope/tank, Missile truck, truck


"One's ultimate truth lies in one's molecular structure."

Blaster, Convex, Eject, Ramhorn and Steeljaw.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise
Transformers: United
Transformers: Reveal the Shield
Transformers: Generations

Legends, Deluxe vehicles
Tech specs

ST07 IN10 SP02 EN07

RN07 CO08 FB08 SK10

Perceptor is an Autobot scientist, and occasionally sniper.

At one point he was intended to be part of the Magneboss combiner, forming a leg, but his death prevented him from fulfilling that roll.

Fictional biography

Unquenchable thirst for knowledge... seeks it to exclusion of all else... Main role is to study the best ways the Autobots can adapt to Earth. Extremely smart. Scientific specialties are metallurgy, molecular chemistry, electrical engineering. As microscope, capable of powerful magnification. Lens barrel converts into powerful light cannon. Carries concussion rifle in robot mode. Absent minded. Lenses are his weakest part.

Animated series

The Transformers

In The Transformers Perceptor made his first appearance in "Dinobot Island Part 2" when he assisted Chip Chase at understanding some unusual phenomena occurring in that episode.[1]

His first major role is in "Microbots" when Megatron acquired the Heart of Cybertron, which was decimating the Autobots. He used his shrinking device to shrink himself, Bumblebee and Brawn, so they could infiltrate Megatron's body and disable the Heart of Cybertron, which he later destroyed.

In the episode "The God Gambit" Cosmos collected data in space on a potential new power source, but was attacked by Astrotrain, Thrust and Starscream. Crashing on the moon Titan, the local priests worshiped the Decepticons as "Sky Gods", but rebels were able to reactivate Cosmos and call for aid from the Autobots. Optimus Prime sent Omega Supreme with Perceptor and Jazz. Astrotrain set himself up as the chief god of the moon and forced the natives to gather energy crystals. The trip to Titan drained Omega of most of his energy, but Perceptor and Jazz were able to gather enough crystals to reactivate Omega and defeat the three Decepticons. Vowing to not let the Autobots gain the crystals, Astrotrain set up a chain reaction destroying them. The Autobots aided the natives to escape the explosion and helped them settle in another area of the moon.

Perceptor appeared in "Cosmic Rust", using a special rust-proof formula on the Statue of Liberty. He was kidnapped by Decepticons to treat Megatron's hideous rusting. He diagnoses it as "Cosmic Rust", and uses some of the formula on Megatron. He himself was also infected, as well as all the Autobots. He and Wheeljack got the Matter Duplicator to duplicate the rust-proof formula, as the key ingredient was extinct. With this, the cosmic rust was gone, and the Autobots were saved.

Perceptor would continue to appear throughout season 3, acting as Rodimus Prime's scientific advisor. His role as chief Autobot scientist meant he could be used instead of either Ratchet and Wheeljack, who were killed in Transformers: The Movie.

In episode 78, "Madman's Paradise", Spike and Carly hosted a banquet for a visiting ambassador. Daniel got bored and wandered off. Grimlock followed him, and they fell into a lost chamber where Quintessons banished their criminals to other dimensions. They slipped through to the sorcerous other-dimensional realm of Menonia, and were tricked into fighting on the Red Wizard's side, only to find out that he was the Quintesson criminal, who overthrew the Golden One. Ultra Magnus, Blaster, Eject, Rewind, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw followed, and using Blaster's amplification, they help the Golden One defeat the Red Wizard. With the help of Perceptor, the Autobots and Daniel are returned to Cybertron.

Perceptor last appeared in episode 93, "The Face of Ninjika". Battling over a Quadrant Lock Disc, Autobot, Decepticon, and Quintesson forces cross a rip in space and become trapped there, landing on the planet Zimojin. An inhabitant named Katsudan removes Perceptor's Autobot sigil and uses it as the head and face for an ancient robot named Ninjika, explaining it resembles the missing face of this broken defender.

Transformers: Victory

Perceptor made an appearance in 1989, in Transformers: Victory in Japan. Wheeljack, along with Perceptor and Minerva were called upon to save God Ginrai, who they converted into Victory Leo.


1984 Marvel Comics

Perceptor was originally part of an Autobot group in the "Dead End" region of Cybertron. Serving as the group's scientist, Perceptor would nonetheless lead a mission to save the captured Blaster from being executed by the local Decepticon commander Lord Straxus. Later, he was opposed to the plan to save the captive scientist Spanner, but was outvoted. Accompanying the others to blow up the Decepticon base, they were horrified to discover that the Decepticons had built Spanner into the Space Bridge itself. Destroying the Bridge as a mercy-killing, Perceptor and his comrades (Beachcomber, Blaster, Cosmos, Powerglide, Seaspray and Warpath), with no chance of escaping to Cybertron, crossed the bridge to Earth.[2][3]

After an attack by Megatron, they were then captured by Circuit Breaker and her Rapid Anti-Robot Attack Team, taken to her lab and then dissected. After capturing the Aerialbots she encountered a new problem - the Decepticon Battlechargers Runabout and Runamuck were causing mayhem across America. Using the parts from all the captured Autobots she created a giant Autobot with herself in control, striking a deal with them that if they would co-operate she would let them go. Circuit Breaker then used them to battle the two Decepticons, who were attacking the Statue of Liberty. After defeating the Decepticons with Circuit Breaker the Autobots were released.

After a side-adventure in the U.K. comics in which they encountered (and were almost killed by) the future Decepticon Galvatron, Perceptor's group linked up with the main Autobots - only to learn of the death of Optimus Prime.

Jetfire, Perceptor, Blaster, Hot Spot, Ratchet and Silverbolt decide on a new Autobot leader

In issue #27, "King of the Hill!", Perceptor summoned his fellow Autobots Blaster, Hot Spot, Jetfire, Omega Supreme, Ratchet and Silverbolt in order to decide who should take leadership of the Autobots. After an attack by the giant Decepticon Trypticon the leader was chosen - Grimlock.

He soon regretted this, as Grimlock became more and more tyrannical. After Blaster returned (having gone rogue over Grimlock's leadership) Perceptor was one of those who welcomed him back.

After Prime's return as a Powermaster, Perceptor continued to serve loyally, battling the Decepticons in the Arctic and getting jumped by the Seacons in the process. Perceptor was deactivated when Starscream blew up the Decepticon island ship with Perceptor aboard in Transformers #50.

Perceptor's body was seen among the deactivated Autobots Ratchet was doing his best to revive in Transformers #56, "Back from the Dead".

The future movie continuity also appeared in the "Space Pirates" arc of the UK comic, where he was defeated in the Quintesson attack on Autobot City.

Perceptor would appear in the Transformers: Generation 2 comics as one of the Autobot scientists studying the victims of the Swarm, indicating he was revived by Nucleon at some point.

3H Enterprises

Perceptor appeared in a flashback scene in issue #2 of the Transformers: Universe - Wreckers comic, where Rodimus Prime consulted Quickmix, Skids, Perceptor and Rad on his plans to send out ships to gather information on threats from space after the defeat of Unicron.

Devil's Due Publishing

Perceptor featured in the second G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers tale from Devil's Due Publishing, as one of the resistance group under Ultra Magnus.

Perceptor returned in the third series of G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers. Grimlock, Arcee, Bumblebee and Perceptor were sent to Earth to aid G.I. Joe in removing the influence of Cybertonian technology on the planet. Several of the Joes, such as Snake Eyes, Hawk and Roadblock, end up piloting large, human-like robots themselves. When Cobra attacks the Joe base, the Autobots helped repel the Cobra Battle Android Trooper armies. An investigation reveals a secret facility literally beneath the Joe's own HQ. Megatron's head is found, inactive and on the floor. Perceptor is enraged, believing Hawk had violated their agreement by messing around with Cybertronian technology. He is soon convinced that Hawk did not know this was happening. The existence of the facility's project, Serpentor, is discovered. A robot himself, smaller than the ones the Joe's pilot, he has the ability to take over mechanical systems with coils. Though the Transformer technology gives him trouble, all of the Joe's mechas are corrupted. Perceptor ends up personally battling Scarlett's mecha, though she is not in it. Serpentor soon literally buries the entire team in rubble, leaving to conquer Cybertron.

Pursuing Serpentor to Cybertron (and unable to convince Hawk to stay behind) the group were quickly captured by Serpentor's new army, but were freed by Snake Eyes and Scarlett. Wounded by the Cobra Commander possessed Serpentor, Perceptor later recovers, laughing at Roadblock tales.

Dreamwave Productions

Perceptor would make his first chronological appearance in the third volume of The War Within, as an Autobot scientist supporting the peace between the Autobots, Decepticons and Ultracons. Megatron's return with a massive army of Seeker clones forced Perceptor to seek a desperate solution - locating the missing Optimus Prime. Recruiting the Turbomasters, Perceptor hoped to use his equipment to find where Optimus had been transported to - but Flash interfered with it and was transported instead. Dreamwave's closure would prevent this story from being finished.

Later, he appeared in the second volume of the Generation One series as part of an Autobot resistance movement opposed to Shockwave. He appears pleading with the Cybertronian Council to investigate Shockwave's modifications to other Transformers, but would later join Prime's attack on Iacon.

Fun Publications


Perceptor appeared in the Classicverse Lithograph sold of BotCon 2007.

In the story "Games of Decepticon" Springer uses a jamming device given to him by Perceptor to disrupt the Cerebro Shells used by Bugbite to control the Decepticons.

In Tranformers Invasion Perceptor is among the Autobots in Canada who help get people to safety from an Earthquake caused by Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus using the Terminus Blade.[4]

Perceptor appeared in Solar Requiem, where he is seen meeting the native Decepticons of Shattered Glass Cybertron.[5]

Perceptor appeared in and Another Light where he was among the mixed Autobot and Decepticon team stationed at the Ironworks base on Classicverse Earth. He witnessed strange activity in the rarefied energon vaults and is evacuated on a shuttle commanded by Grimlock.[6]


In the Renegade Rhetoric stories Perceptor's spark was used in the creation of the Renegade Puzzler combiner Tic Tac. It is possible the spark of Transtech Perceptor was the one that was taken.

IDW Publishing

Perceptor made his first IDW Publishing appearance in Spotlight issue on Kup, as the head of a team aboard the Ark-17 trying to rescue the veteran Autobot. However, the radiation filled surroundings and Kup's madness led to the failure of all rescue attempts. Perceptor then attempted to reason with Springer, agreeing with Prowl that it was a waste of lives and resources - until Trailbreaker arrived.

Perceptor was on the Autobot Orbital Command Hub in Spotlight: Blaster. He was present when Blaster was recovered and returned to the Autobots.

TFcon comics

Perceptor appears in the TFcon 2008 voice play prelude comic called "Ground Effects" where he detects a repeat repeat wave.[7]

Perceptor appears among the characters in Re-Unification, the 2010 TFcon voice actor play prelude comic.[8]


  • Hasbro Transformers Perceptor (1985)
Based on a Microchange microscope toy. Turns from robot to microscope or tank. Comes with a rifle.
This toy was recolored into Magnificus.
  • Hasbro Transformers Robots in Disguise Classic Legends Perceptor (2007)
A recolor of the Cybertron Legends Cybertron Defense Red Alert in red. Turns from robot to missile truck.
  • Hasbro Transformers Universe Perceptor (2009)
A Toys "R" Us exclusive reissue of the Generation 1 figure.
  • Hasbro Transformers Generations Reveal the Shield Deluxe Perceptor (2011)
A new mold announced at BotCon 2010. This figure transforms into a half-track tank.[9] An official picture of his truck mode was featured on the cover of issue #35 (Oct/Nov 2010) of the Transformers Collectors' Club magazine.[10] Despite having a different alternate mode, his robot mode still features elements of his G1 incarnation such as the microscope knobs on his forearms and an opening chest plate.[11][12][13]
  • Takara Transformers United Deluxe Perceptor (2011)
A recolor of the Reveal the Shield toy for by Takara.[14]
  • Hasbro Transformers Generations Platinum Edition Autobot Intel Ops (2015)
A 6-pack which includes Blaster, Eject, Perceptor, Ramhorn and Steeljaw.
  • Hasbro Transformers Generations Titans Return Perceptor and Convex (2017)
A new figure of Perceptor with a Titan Master partner.


Transformers: Armada

Transformers character
Armada Perceptor in box
Created by

Japanese name

Bumble, Cliffjumper
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

3 Mini-Cons


"Seek your true power."
"Teamwork is the key to victory." (Hasbro)
"Our powers lead to peace." (Takara)

Sunstorm, Inferno

Transformers: Armada
Transformers: Cybertron
Transformers: Energon
Transformers: Universe
Tech specs

ST08 IN05 SP05 EN08

RN05 CO08 FB08 SK06

The name Perceptor reappeared in the Transformers: Armada line, this time as the name of a Mini-Con combiner formed from the members of the Street Action Team.

Fictional biography

Perceptor's biography told how the three beings that make up Perceptor - Grindor, High Wire and Sureshock - are, despite the war raging over them, unflaggingly, unfailingly positive. They try to help all those they meet, and it is this common unity that explains why they work so well together as Perceptor. It stands as a symbol of Mini-Con unity, battling the Decepticons on their own terms, with their unbelievable coordination giving them an edge. However, this comes at a price - Megatron desires their abilities, and will stop at nothing to possess them.


3H Enterprises

His only appearance in the Transformers: Universe storyline was as one of the Decepticons under the command of Reptilion in the Botcon 2004 voice actor play. He battled Silverbolt, Rattrap and Waspinator in order to secure two groups of dimensionally displaced Autobots from the RiD universe. However, the three groups of Autobots, together with a time-lost Autobot shuttle from the Great War, were able to defeat the Decepticons.

Dreamwave Productions

In the Energon comic series by Dreamwave Productions Perceptor appeared in issues #27-29 of the series. He originally appeared as part of the Autobot reinforcements under Jetfire who headed to Earth to fend off the Terrorcon invasion. Perceptor was part of the team who travelled to Los Angeles to battle the Insecticon clones, alongside Landquake, Cliffjumper, Bulkhead and Tow-Line. They were in danger of being overwhelmed by the sheer number of clones until they were rescued by a surprising source - Megatron, resurrected in a new body by Optimus Prime. Megatron decimated the Insecticon clones, leaving the Autobots to help with the devastation.

Fun Publications

Perceptor appeared in Transformers Collectors Club exclusive comic story, set during the events of Transformers: Cybertron. He appeared as one of the Mini-Cons loyal to the Mini-Con council, battling the rebel forces of Thrust and Sunstorm. However, when Unicron attacked Cybertron once again, Perceptor was one of those who battled Soundwave, forcing him to flee. In Revelations part 6, Optimus Prime returned to Cybertron, bearing word of Vector Prime's death in battle. Perceptor was amongst those that mourned his loss.


Universe Sunstorm with Mini-Cons
  • Armada Perceptor (2002)
A three pack of Mini-Cons that combine into Perceptor.
  • Energon Perceptor (2004)
Armada Perceptor (now called Cliffjumper in Japan) returned with a completely new mold for Energon.
His biography now indicated that while he had gained the admiration and respect of his comrades as a warrior, his greatest desire was to spend time with his human friends (Rad, Alexis, Carlos and especially Kicker) to learn as much as he could about Earth, its people and its culture. However, he will still battle against the odds to defend it from the Decepticons.
  • Universe Sunstorm with Inferno and Perceptor (2004)
Armada Perceptor would be re-released in the Universe line in darker colors packaged alongside Universe Sunstorm and Inferno.
  • Universe Perceptor (2005)
In late 2005 Energon Perceptor was repackaged for the Transformers: Universe line. The toy was identical to the Energon version.
  • Cybertron Perceptor (2006)
Perceptor is a recolor of the Energon toy and does not appear in the TV cartoon series. The three members of the Street Action Team are now part of the Mini-Con 'versus' packs and were sold individually along with a member of the Decepticon Mini-Con Deep Space Team. Although each Mini-Con has a bio on their package; Perceptor, being a combined form, does not. He is described as the most powerful warrior among the Mini-Cons and the only one to defeat their Decepticon rivals.



Fun Publications

Transtech Vector Prime once mentioned Perceptor was his student.

Transformers Animated

Transformers character
Created by

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Cybertronian Pick-Up, Mobile Laboratory

"Only through science can we achieve victory."

Perceptor was recently confirmed for the third season by show artist Derrick J Wyatt. His appearance is very G1-based although he now has a large cranium, what appear to be glasses, and has very scrawny limbs. A leaked model sheet revealed that his vehicle mode is that of a pick-up truck, the rear of which can transform into a mini-laboratory.

Unlike all of the other characters in the series, Perceptor is voiced by a computer through speech synthesis, using the "Fred" voice in Mac OS X's PlainTalk software.

Animated series

Transformers Animated

In the Transformers Animated episode "Transwarped" it was revealed that he was the one who built Omega Supreme. He next appeared in "Decepticon Air", unsuccessfully trying to convince Sentinel Prime not to take command of the Autobots following Shockwave's attack on Ultra Magnus. He also appeared in "This is Why I Hate Machines", protesting against Sentinel's extreme suggestion to fire on a Decepticon-controlled Omega Supreme.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Transformers character
Name Perceptor
Series Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
English voice actor Jim Ward (video game)
Aziz Ansari (TV series)
Alternate modes Cybertronian Tank, Cybertronian Microscope
Function Scientist
Motto "Only through science can we achieve victory."

In the "Aligned Universe", Perceptor is the Autobot's chief scientist, and is one of Optimus' most trusted advisers.

Animated Series

In the Transformers: Prime episode "T.M.I.", Bulkhead, whilst transcribing a procedure to form synthetic energon, mentions Perceptor's name as he negates "Perceptor's paradox", the nature of which is never specified.


Perceptor appears in Transformers: Exiles and in the sequel novel Transformers: Retribution. His role is relatively minor-he serves as Optimus Prime's scientific adviser. In a nod to his Generation 1 counterpart, he often talks in highly complicated technical terms that infuriate his peers and his commanding officer.


Perceptor appears in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Perceptor appears in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.



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