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Tow-Line, also known by the name Wrecker Hook/Wreckerhook, is a character from the Transformers franchise.

Robots in Disguise


Fictional biography

Tow-Line learned the rules of the road while pretending to be an ordinary tow truck, before Megatron's invasion. He believes in following the rules to maintain a tight force and still uses traffic codes to keep things in order. His strong tow hook can lift and transport anything large or small. He can also knock down opponents with a mysterious, unseen force.

Animated series

Tow-Line first appeared as a new Autobot recruit on Earth who, upon assuming the alternate form of a Tow truck, becomes dedicated to towing away vehicles. After his overzealous activities angered his supervisor Prowl, he was captured and reprogrammed by the Predacons, but eventually saved by the other Autobots. He would go on to assist the Autobots in numerous operations, such as creating the illusion of a giant Transformer, coming to Side Burn's aid when he was ambushed by the enemy forces, transporting Side Burn to the location of Fortress Maximus, and finally taking part in the final battle against Galvatron's forces.


  • Takara Robot Masters Wrecker Hook (2004)
Tow-Line, under the name Wrecker Hook, appears in the Transformers: Robot Masters toy line as an amnesiac version of the character who ends up aligned with the Destrons.
  • Hasbro Transformers Buzzworthy Bumblebee Deluxe Tow-Line (2023)
A recolor of Scraphook with a new head.
The box depicts him combining with Armada Hot Shot.
A Target store exclusive.


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