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Omega Supreme is an Autobot featured in several incarnations of the Transformers franchise, usually as a Transformer slightly or much larger than typical inhabitants of Cybertron.

Transformers (1984)


The Marvel Comics bible for the Transformers originally called Omega Supreme by the name Fortress Maximus.[1]

Animated series

In The Transformers, Omega Supreme was once one of the Guardian Robots created by the Quintessons, but unlike his fellows was apparently endowed with life. Appointed the protector of Crystal City, he became close friends with the Constructicons until they were corrupted by Megatron using a device known as a Robo-Smasher. The Constructicons soon destroyed Crystal City, and Omega Supreme set out to capture them and restore them to normal. Sadly, the effects of the Robo-Smasher were irreversible, and the Constructicons feigned reform in order to lure Omega into Megatron's clutches. The tyrant then turned the Robo-Smasher on the guardian, who escaped being corrupted into Megatron's minion but was left stripped of much of his emotions, leaving him with little but a sense of duty and a bitter hatred against his former friends.

Omega eventually followed the Constructicons to Earth, intent on bringing an end to their feud once and for all. Despite Optimus Prime's orders, he attempted to destroy his adversaries and inadvertently unleashed a monstrous creature on Earth. He eventually drove it off and helped repair the damage, and a tear shone in his eye as he and Optimus looked upon Earth's beauty and the Autobot leader expressed his hope that Omega would one day regain his feelings. Omega Supreme later transported the Autobots to Cybertron after hearing of an attack against Alpha Trion, and later brought them and the newly created Aerialbots back to Earth only to explode upon returning. Fortunately, the Autobots were able to repair him with help from Sparkplug Witwicky, and he came to Superion's aid during the Aerialbot Combiner's battle with the united form of the Stunticons, Menasor.

Later, Omega Supreme would transport several Autobots and the Aerialbots back to Cybertron in order to investigate readings that would prove to be coming from Shockwave's Chronosphere time machine.



  • Generation 1 Omega Supreme (1985)
Was later recolored into a Guardian Robot toy.
  • Encore Omega Supreme (2008)
A reissue of the original Omega Supreme toy.
  • Platinum Edition Omega Supreme (2013)
An extensive redeco of Energon Omega Supreme in the colors of his Generation 1 counterpart.


Animated series

In Transformers: Energon, Omega Supreme is depicted as an ancient warrior who is rumored to have once defeated Unicron in battle. He also met the ancient guardians of the Super Energon pool-Superion Maximus, Bruticus Maximus, Dauntless Maximus[2], and Constructicon Maximus. At some point in time he went dormant, before being revived by Primus in order to aid Optimus Prime's quest to safeguard the universe from Unicron. After fighting alongside the Autobots for some time, he and Optimus were granted the power to combine into Optimus Supreme by Primus, and during a subsequent battle were also given increased power to make them equal in stature to the planet-devouring menace.

Omega would continue to fight alongside the Autobots against the threat of Galvatron, and would soon engage two of the Super Energon guardians who had once been his allies. He and Optimus would combine again, though on one occasion it was due to the power of Unicron Optimus had absorbed and the two were nearly consumed by it. Eventually they would face off with the tyrant Galvatron in one final clash as super-powered giants, which ended with Galvatron choosing to plunge himself into a Super Energon sun created by Primus.



  • Energon Omega Supreme
Converts into a Cybertronian train/spacecraft and can combine with Energon Optimus Prime. Was later recolored in blue and white-resembling the Guardian Robots of Generation 1-to create the new character Omega Sentinel.


In Transformers: Animated, Omega Supreme was the first of the Omega Sentinels created by the Autobots in a last-ditch effort to defeat the Decepticons. He was capable of teleportation and possessed a vast and powerful arsenal.

Cartoon series

Omega was created as the Great War was at its darkest, and the Autobots were at their most desperate. A team of Autobot scientists including Wheeljack and Perceptor, working under the direction of Ultra Magnus, were responsible for his constructions. Arcee, a teacher-turned-intelligence operative, was given Omega Supreme's activation and control codes, in the hopes that she would serve as his guide. Sadly, her abduction by Lockdown left her in no state to act in this capacity, but due to a safeguard she was able to transfer a copy of the codes to Ratchet, and he took her role in the project. He learned to his dismay that Omega had been designed with limited logic circuits to make him a more effective weapon, but did his best to guide the massive Autobot.

Omega won the war for the Autobots, but was critically wounded as a result, prompting Ratchet to convert him into his vehicle mode and place him in Stasis lock to preserve his Spark. Officially Omega was declared to have gone offline and been recycled for parts; in reality his comatose form was commissioned as the Autobot maintenance vessel Orion, which Ratchet joined the crew of. The crew would grow to include Elite Guard washouts Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead and the cyber ninja Prowl, who eventually came across the lost AllSpark while on Space Bridge repair duties. The ensuing clash between them and Megatron saw the Orion and its crew crash-land on Earth, with the five smaller Autobots going into stasis aboard their ship. It would remain at the bottom of a lake near Detroit for decades before being launched by Ratchet, only to crash-land yet again on Dinobot Island due to the actions of a revived Megatron and his minions.

When the Orion was next launched, it would mark Omega's full return to life as well, as Ratchet used fragments of the AllSpark the Autobots had collected to revive his comrade. Omega soon moved to attack Megatron's hidden base with its Space Bridge, and engaged a group of Decepticons including Lugnut and Slipstream. After overpowering his foes, he moved to the overloading Space Bridge and absorbed it's energy, remarking "I am programmed to protect, and sacrifice if necessary." The energies caused Omega to teleport into space, where he later encountered a similarly transported Megatron and Starscream (the latter reduced to his head), and captured them when they came aboard. Unfortunately, Omega's weakened state enabled Megatron to seize control of him, and he soon took Omega to Earth in order to attack the Autobots there; the Autobots were forced to plant a device on Omega Supreme that caused him to teleport around the galaxy at random.

Eventually Megatron and Starscream managed to put a halt to Omega's teleporting and were joined by Lugnut, and took the giant Autobot to Cybertron where they sought to gain control of him by having Shockwave abduct Arcee. Succeeding, they then teleported Omega to Earth's moon, where they used the remains of the Nemesis and several Protoforms to create Decepticon clones of Omega with personalities based on Lugnut's to insure their loyalty to Megatron. Megatron then sent the three to attack Earth, only to be confronted by Optimus Prime and Prowl while the other Autobots traveled to the moon and rescued Arcee and Omega. Under his own power once again, Omega joined in the battle to save Earth and took out one of his clones, while the other Autobots worked together to halt Megatron and Starscream's machinations. With the Decepticons in custody, the Autobots returned to Cybertron aboard the Orion, with Omega returning to robot mode after they had disembarked in full view of a Cybertronian crowd.

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