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Transformers character
Bigmos in IDW comics
Name Bigmos
Series Beast Wars II
Japanese voice actor Takeshi Watanabe
Alternate modes Mosquito/Ant-lion
Function Insectron Commander (Takara), Unit Commander (IDW)
Gender Male
Motto "All I want is peace, I just wish I didn’t have to fight to achieve it." (Takara), "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." (IDW)
Rank 9
Sub-group Insectrons

Bigmos is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is leader of the Insectrons in the Beast Wars II anime series.

Beast Wars II

Bigmos is the leader of the insect force known as the Insectrons. However, as each of them pretty much does as he pleases, they lack cooperative spirit. Before coming to planet Gaea, they were soldiers running about the universe, and were even familiar with the Autorollers. Bigmos can transform into a "Mode 3" ant-lion form. He has a weakness for tomato juice. The Needle Missiles he fires from his mouth can even pierce through steel.[1]

Bigmos stands 2.7 meters tall and weighs 1.1 tons. He has a top running speed of 50 kilometers per hour in beast mode, but 45 kilometers per hour in robot mode. His top flight speed is mach 8.

Animated series

Bigmos appeared in the Beast Wars II anime series. Formerly mercenaries, the Insectrons ended up on the Antarctica region of Gaia where they live peacefully. Starscream tricked them into fighting the Maximals until the ruse was ruined by Galvatron's fits.

They later allied themselves with the Maximals. They had encountered their sworn rivals the AutoRollers. The toys for the Insectrons are recolors of several Beast Wars Predacons with insect forms and are meant to be different characters altogether.


IDW Publishing

Bigmos had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[2]



  • Beast Wars II Bigmos (1998)
Bigmos is a redeco of the Predacon Transquito.[3]


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