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Serpentor is a G.I. Joe villain who has also appeared in various incarnations of the Transformers franchise.


G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Animated series


Fun Publications

In the Machine Wars, storyline, a new version of Serpentor-here known as Serpent O.R.-receives a most unusual origin story. Created from the same programming as the original Serpentor, this version is a Tranformer created from the salvaged body of one of Scourge's fallen Sweeps. With the combined intellect of the greatest warlords in human and Cybertronian history, he would have posed a considerable threat had it not been for the intervention of the Earth Defense Command and it's veteran members of G.I. Joe, who learned of their old enemy Cobra Commander's scheme and acted to stop him. During the resulting confrontation, General Clayton M. "Hawk" Abernathy fell into the scanning device used to program Serpent O.R. and had his own personality copied into the machine. As such, Serpent O.R. gained a dual loyalty to the Decepticons and to the noble Earth organization.

Serpent O.R. would later be called upon to take part in a joint Autobot-Decepticon operation against Jhiaxus.


  • Transformers: Timelines Deluxe Serpent O.R. (2015)
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