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Cybershark is a Transformers character.


Beast Wars

Like many Beast Wars character, the Maximal Cybershark did not appear in the animated series, though he was notable in the toyline for having two figures as opposed to one like many other non-show characters. The bio for his Transmetal 2 toy describes him operating under the command of Depth Charge, as well as hunting a group of Predacon space pirates.

IDW Publishing

Cybershark was one of many characters to appear in Beast Wars: The Gathering and Beast Wars: The Ascending, having originally been a protoform aboard the Axalon. During the course of the ensuing conflict he was critically damaged, and the creators intended for this to foreshadow his transition from a standard Cybertronian form to his Transmetal 2 body; this was never seen in print.


  • Cybershark (1997)
Transforms into a hammerhead shark; mold was later remolded into Beast Wars Second Hellscream, Transformers: Universe Overbite, and Sharp Edge.
  • Transmetal 2 Cybershark (1999)
Toy was later recolored into Robots in Disguise Sky-Byte.