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Snapper is a Predacon from the Transformers franchise who, as his name implies, transforms into a Snapping turtle.

Beast Wars

Snapper was released as part of the Beast Wars toy line but, like many toys in the series, was not featured in the accompanying animated series except (presumably) as one of the Maximal Protoforms launched from the Axalon as it began plunging through prehistoric Earth's atmosphere. The majority of these pods remained in orbit until the end of the first season, when the activation of a Vok superweapon caused them to plummet to the planet's surface; most of these were not seen again for the duration of the series.


According to a 1995 McDonalds Beast Wars document, Snapper was intended to be Buzzsaw.[1]

IDW Publishing

The matter of the lost pods would be touched upon in Beast Wars: The Gathering, when a crew of Predacons under Magmatron traveled back in time and began operating on prehistoric Earth in a timeframe displaced from that of the animated series, allowing them to observe-but not be observed by-Optimus Primal and Megatron's crews. Using a device developed by Razorbeast, Magmatron sent a signal across the planet to activate the pods and reprogram them as Predacons using Shell programs in order to recruit them as an army. Razorbeast-secretly a member of the Pack-sabotaged the signal so that not all the protoforms became Predacons, though many-including Snapper-were reborn as Predacons. A new chapter of the Beast Wars thus began with Magmatron's new recruits fighting against those assembled by Razorbeast, with Snapper eagerly fighting for the Predacon cause.


  • Snapper ()
A new mold that transforms into a snapping turtle; has not yet been reused.