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Transformers character
Box art for the Torca toy
Name Torca
Series Beast Wars
First appearance Transformers: Universe issue #3, "Homecoming"
Alternate modes Elephant/Killer Whale Fuzor
Function Infantry General
Gender Male
Motto "I lead from the back."
Rank 8
Sub-group Deluxe Beasts, Fuzors

Torca is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a General in the Maximal army and turns into a monster that is a combination of elephant and orca.[1] Although released as a toy in 1998, Torca didn't have any appearances in fiction until 2004 when he was cast in the 3H Universe comics.

Beast Wars

He's one of the Maximals from Beast Wars, and his beast form is a mix of killer whale and elephant. His name is a mixture of the last letter of 'elephant' and the word 'orca'. He did not appear in the television series.

Torca was portrayed as the Maximal Infantry General. General Torca's fuzor body equips him well for land and water. His massive size belies his combat skill. Hand-to-hand combat with Torca is a challenge; his huge tusks can swat most Predacons with ease.

In the 3H comics Torca is depicted as being a normal sized Maximal, while in the IDW comics he is depicted as being much larger.

Animated series

Torca's stasis pod was among those who were launched into orbit around prehistoric Earth in the series Beast Wars pilot. [2]

3H Enterprises

Torca appeared in the Transformers: Universe comic book. In issue #3 he was portrayed as a member of the Maximal High Council. When Optimus Primal told them of the coming of Unicron, the Council did not believe Primal and ordered him confined. [3]

With the closure of 3H the Transformers: Universe comic was cancelled.

IDW Publishing

He appeared in the 2006 IDW Beast Wars comic series. He was among the Maximal protoforms from the Axalon. He was activated and put in chronal phase by Razorbeast at Magmatron's request, but was protected from Magmatron's Predacon shell-program by Razorbeast's viral code. Soon after awakening, he joined up with K-9, Bantor, Stinkbomb, Armordillo, and Noctorro. During their journey to meet up with Razorbeast, Torca got stuck in a tar pit and needed the help of his new travelling companions to free him. After following Razorbeast's signal for days, and picking up more Maximals along the way, Torca exploded into battle (sporting a painted Maximal symbol on his shoulder) against Magmatron's Predacons. The giant Fuzor tipped the scales, allowing the Maximals to win that battle. The united group awaited rescue from Cybertron.

He appears among the Maximals on the cover of the first issue of the sequel story Beast Wars: The Ascending. In Beast Wars: The Ascending #4 Torca was among the Maximals and Predacons returned to Cybertron to battle Shokaract.

Torca had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing. [4]


  • Beast Wars Deluxe Torca (1998)
The toy of Torca features a water squirting rifle which mounts to his back in beast mode. [5] An original prototype of this figure appeared on ebay in December of 2008 and fetched a high price.[6] [7]
The toy of Beast Wars Torca was re-colored into Beast Wars Neo Elephaorpha.


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