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The Predacons are a recurring faction in the Transformers series, typically depicted as either aligned or succeeding the Decepticons in opposition to the Autobots or their descendants, the Maximals.


Generation 1/Beast Wars

The Predacons were first introduced as a five-bot team provided to the Decepticons by the Quintessons as part of their brief alliance in "The Five Faces of Darkness." Led by Razorclaw, the group's full membership also included Tantrum, Headstrong, Divebomb, and Rampage; the five could combine into the mighty Predaking. After an initial clash with Sky Lynx that led to a rivalry between the Autobot and the Predacons, the team continued to operate at Galvatron's command throughout the remainder of the series.

The Decepticons were eventually succeeded by a new faction, who took the name of Predacons and formed the Predacon Alliance led by the Tripredacus Council, which sought to eventually rise up and claim the planet from their Maximal neighbors. However, not all the Predacons were content with waiting, and one in particular named himself Megatron, after the Decepticon leader and set out to claim power for himself.

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