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Transformers character
Box art for Noctorro
Name Noctorro
Series Transformers: Beast Wars
Alternate modes Bull/Bat Fuzor
Function Airborne Warrior
Gender Male
Rank 4
Sub-group Basic Beasts, Fuzors

Noctorro is a fictional character in the various Transformers series. He is a heroic Maximal Fuzor introduced in 1998.

Beast Wars

Noctorro is a Maximal who turns into a bull/bat fuzor.[1] He is fast, strong and proud of his ability to take on his opponents without weapons.

Animated series

Noctorro's stasis pod was among those who were launched into orbit around prehistoric Earth in the series Beast Wars pilot.[2]

IDW Publishing

Noctorro in the Beast Wars Sourcebook

He appeared in the 2006 IDW Beast Wars: The Gathering comic series. He was among the Maximal protoforms from the Axalon. He was activated and put in chronal phase by Razorbeast at Magmatron's request, but was protected from Magmatron's Predacon shell-program by Razorbeast's viral code. Soon after awakening, he joined up with K-9, Bantor, Stinkbomb and Armordillo. During their journey to meet up with Razorbeast, Torca got stuck in a tar pit and needed the help of his new traveling companions to free him.

In Beast Wars: The Ascending #4 Noctorro was among the Maximals and Predacons returned to Cybertron to battle Shokaract.

Noctorro had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing. [3]



  • Kenner Transformers: Beast Wars Basic Fuzor Noctorro (1998)
A new mold. A basic class Fuzor. He featured spring loaded arms.


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