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For the Zoids models, see Fuzor (Zoids).

Silverbolt, one of the Fuzors in the Beast Wars TV Show

Fuzors was a Transformers subline released in 1997 and 1998 as part of the second wave of Beast Wars figures.[1][2]

The Fuzors were Transformers, both Maximal and Predacon, whose beast modes were a combination of two individual beasts (such as a crocodile and a turtle in the case of Terragator). The Fuzors were represented in the Beast Wars television series by Quickstrike and Silverbolt, who were both created when their stasis pods crashed onto Earth, resulting in the damaged DNA scanners using two separate beasts as a template for their beast modes. All the Fuzors were Maximal protoforms.


Topless Robot judged the Fuzors Air Hammer and Injector among the strangest Beast Wars figures.[3]

Individual Fuzors

The other Maximal Fuzors in the toyline, apart from Silverbolt, included: Torca (combination of a Killer Whale and an Elephant), Air Hammer (a combination of a Hammerhead Shark and an Eagle), Bantor, (a Baboon/Tiger combination) and Noctorro (a fusion of a Bull and a Bat).

The Predacon Fuzors in the toyline, apart from Quickstrike, were made up of: Injector (the fused form of a Lionfish and a Hornet, called Aquasting in early toy commercials), Sky Shadow (a combination of a Dragonfly and Lizard), Buzzclaw (combination of a Mantis and a Lizard), and Terragator (a combination of a Crocodile and a Terrapin).

The promotion line for the Fuzors stated that they were only the "first wave" but the only Fuzor to come afterwards was the character Tigerhawk, a combination of a hawk and tiger, but he was officially part of the Transmetal II subline.

The character Magmatron, who was released as part of the Beast Machines toyline, was described in his tech specs as a triple-dinosaur Fuzor.

According to the bios for the figures in the Mutants subline, the Mutants were to be Fuzors but due to Megatron's virus, the two beast scans separated, one taking their beast mode, and the other taking the slot saved for the robot mode, thus robbing them of a robot mode, and instead allowing them to transform from one beast mode to a second beast mode.

The toys of Silverbolt, Tigerhawk and Buzzclaw were repainted for the Transformers: Universe toyline as Silverbolt, Razorclaw and Repugnus respectively. Buzzclaw was also repainted several times as several BotCon 2005 exclusive figures, while Torca, Injector, and Sky Shadow were repainted into the Japanese-exclusive Blendtrons Elephorca, Rartorata, and Drancron. Along with Silverbolt, Quickstrike was repainted in more show-accurate colors for the Beast Wars Metals line in Japan; aside from this his mold has never been reused, which also applies to Bantor, Noctorro, Air Hammer, and Terragator.

Comic books

In the Transformers: Universe comics, Maximal Fuzors Air Hammer, Torca and Bantor oddly appeared as members of the Maximal High Council.

Most of the non-show Fuzor characters, along with Magmatron, appeared in the Beast Wars mini-series released by IDW Comics.


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