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Motormaster is the name of several fictional characters from the Transformers series; the character is sometimes called Motorbreath.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Generation 1 Menasor box
Name Motormaster
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Generations
English voice actor Roger C. Carmel
Japanese voice actor Kōji Totani
Alternate modes Kenworth K100 Aerodyne sleeper tractor-trailer, Cybertronian Truck, 1930's truck
Function Stunticon Leader
Motto "These wheels are made for crushing."
Partner Breakdown, Dead End, Drag Strip, and Wildrider
Rank 7
Sub-group Stunticons


Devil's Due Publishing

Motormaster in Devil's Due comics appeared in G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers, where he and the rest of the Stunticons where accidentally sent back to 1930's Chicago. Motormaster also appeared in G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers: The Art of War, where he was one of the Decepticon troops of Serpent O.R.

Dreamwave Productions

In Dreamwave Productions Generation 1 continuity, Motormaster and the other Stunticons were not portrayed as recently created characters, but as Decepticons from Cybertron. Initially just five individuals, they were chosen to become part of a new group termed the Stunticons - an experiment to improve on the combination process which had created Devastator. Their combined form was called Menasor. In the War Within story, Motormaster was a member of Starscream's Predacon team.[1] Motormaster would also appear along with the rest of the Stunticons in the second Generation 1 mini-series.

Fun Publications

Wings of Honor

Motormaster is mentioned in the biography for Timelines Breakdown. It states that the other Stunticons were left in stasis lock after a pitched battle with Defensor.

IDW Publishing

In IDW Publishing's adaptation of Generation 1, as with Dreamwave's, Motormaster first appeared as a pre-existing character rather than a recent creation. Motormaster first appeared amongst Megatron's gathering of gladiators that would eventually become the Decepticons in IDW Publishing's The Transformers: Megatron Origin. Motormaster is later blown apart by Sentinel Prime during the revolution in Kaon.

Marvel Comics

In the original Marvel Comics Transformers comic Motormaster was born when Megatron was able to tap into the Creation Matrix to give life to the Stunticons in issue #22.[2] Motormaster last appeared in the first Transformers series in issue #41, called "Totaled!" Motormaster's biography was printed in issue #2 of the Transformers: Universe title by Marvel.


  • Generation 1 Motormaster (1986)
Motormaster changes from a semi-cab truck and trailer to a robot, as well as a base that can connect to Trypticon in base mode. He can combine with his fellow Stunticons to form Menasor, and included the accessories for Menasor, such as his feet, fists, waist piece, chest piece and face. He also came with a sword and a gun which are also Menasor's weapons.
  • Generations Motorbreath (2012)
Was later used for Optimus Prime and rereleased as part of the "Ultimate Gift Set" that also included versions of Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Thundercracker
  • Generations Voyager Motormaster (2015)
Turns from robot to semi-truck cab. Combines with his team-mates to form Menasor.
Shares the same basic design with Generations Voyager Optimus Prime and Battle Core Optimus Prime, Grand Scourge, and Toxitron.
  • Unite Warriors Menasor (2015)
A 5-pack of Stunticons.
Motormaster is a slight recolor of Generations Voyager Motormaster.
  • Generation 2 Motormaster (unreleased)
  • Generations Combiner Wars Menasor (unreleased)
A 6-pack of Stunticon recolors that are homages to the unreleased Generation 2 Stunticons.


Transformers: War for Cybertron

Transformers character
Name Motormaster
English voice actor Fred Tatasciore
Alternate modes Cybertronian truck

Motormaster is a Decepticon, but unlike previous incarnations, he is not a Stunticon, as they do not exist in this continuity despite other Stunticons's presence in the game, namely Breakdown, Dead End, and Drag Strip.


Motormaster is the name of a playable character exclusive to the Nintendo DS version of the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron (Decepticon version). Once defeated in the sewer levels of the game he becomes a playable character. His transformation is a Cybertronian truck, and is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Transformers Animated

Fun Publications

A younger version of Motormaster was killed in the Transformers Animated story "Bots of Science".

Motormaster appeared in the Transformers: Timelines story "The Stunt-Con Job". After the events of Transformers Animated, the Stunticons set up a Stunt Convoy show in the city of Kaon and used it as cover to attempt to break Megatron out of his detention at Trypticon. Their efforts were thwarted thanks to the efforts of Cheetor, Optimus Prime and Sideswipe. The Stunticons were placed in detention with Megatron and an attempt to rescue them was made by the Decepticons Blot, Mindwipe, Oil Slick, Scalpel, Sky-Byte and Strika.[3]


  • Timelines The Stunt-Con Job (2011)
A 5-pack of BotCon 2011 exclusives.
Motormaster is a remold of Animated Voyager Optimus Prime

Shattered Glass Transformers Animated

This version of Motormaster is a heroic counterpart of Animated Motormaster. His colors are inspired by positive universe Silverbolt.


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