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Transformers character
Beast Wars Neo Guiledart box
First appearance

Beast Wars Neo episode #1, "Move out, Big Convoy!"
Voiced by

Holly Kaneko
Release number

Species Transformer


Alternate mode


Predacon Staff Officer

"Loyalty makes for success of the highest quality."

Beast Wars Neo

Deluxe beasts
Tech specs

ST08 IN09 SP08 EN10

RN09 CO07 FB06 SK09

Guiledart is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He was one of the recurring villains from Japanese anime series Beast Wars Neo a was voiced by Holly Kaneko. He is portrayed as a loyal minion of the series main villain, Magmatron, and turns into a Triceratops.

Beast Wars Neo

Magmatron's right-hand man, Guiledart is a supporter of reason and can construct various operations as a tactician. The Thunder Horn blast he releases from his horns can heavily damage an enemy, while his tail can become a Tail Shooter, which fires powerful missiles. The ambitious type, he is watching for his chance to advance in the ranks.[1]

Animated series

Guiledart first appeared in episode #1, called "Move out, Big Convoy!"

He later appeared in episode #29 "Illusion, Lio Convoy."

Guiledart appears in episode #35, called "Graduation!!" Luring Unicron into battle, the Maximals, are aided, surprisingly, by the escaped Lio Convoy, Magmatron and his Predacons. They manage to delay Unicron long enough for Convoy to use the power of the Matrix to charge his weapon into the Matrix Buster. The cannon blasts Unicron, seemingly destroying him for good. Big Convoy's Maximals fight the three Blendtrons. Heinlad stops time just as the three are about to fire on the Maximals, moves them, and then restarts time so they shoot each others. The Blendtrons then retreat. With the threat of Unicron eliminated Big Convoy is joined with Magmatron to usher in a new era of peace of Cybertron.


IDW Publishing

The opening sequence of Beast Wars: The Ascending features Magmatron, trapped in a temporal limbo, watching a fight between Dirgegun, Saberback, Killerpunch, Guiledart and Halfshell just before the planet Cybertron is destroyed by Shokaract and Unicron.

Guiledart had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[2]


Guiledart appears in the 1999 Game Boy Color video game Ketō Transformers Beast Wars: Beast Senshi Saikyō Ketteisen; he is the only Beast Wars Neo character to do so, with all other characters coming from Beast Wars or Beast Wars Second.


  • Beast Wars Neo D-29 Deluxe Guiledart (1999)
Turns from humanoid robot to triceratops.
Guiledart was recolored into Beast Machines Dinobot Triceradon, Universe Triceradon and Age of Extinction Slug; he was also remolded into Killerpunch.
  • Beast Wars Neo VS-29 Showdown in the Savannah (1999)
A 2-pack of Longrack and Guiledart. The toys are identical to those sold individually.

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