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Transformers character
Beast Machines Apelinq toy
Name Apelinq/Ape-Linq
Series Beast Machines
Transformers: Timelines
Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes Transmetal gorilla, fire truck
Function Squadron Commander
Gender Male
Motto "Download this!"
Rank 9.5
Sub-group Convention exclusives, Transmetal, Wreckers

Apelinq is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a Maximal who turns into a gorilla.

Beast Machines

Apelinq is a Maximal scientist and member of the Wreckers. He is a brilliant inventor, and created the miraculous Transfer Interlink, which allows him to download digital designs into reality. Apelinq is also the close associate of Rodimus Prime and Primal Prime.

Apelinq was on Cybertron when Megatron took over. Cut off from his comrades, Apelinq spent a long time thinking about Megatron's conquest. During this time, he witnessed the return of Optimus Primal and the crew of the Axalon, but did not realize it as they were in an Autobot shuttle. He later managed to locate the missing Rodimus, who was unaffected by Megatron's virus. Scanning Rodimus' Spark, Apelinq developed an antidote, which he used to inoculate the arriving crew led by Primal Prime. However, before he could complete the inoculations, he was knocked into the timestream.

Arriving in the midst of the Beast Wars, Apelinq watched from the sidelines as Optimus Primal and Megatron did battle. He later watched Point Omega, the battle that had been foretold for millennia, against the evil Shokaract. When the Covenant of Primus proved unable to defeat him, Apelinq charged into battle. As transwarp portals opened to take everyone present back to their proper time and place, Apelinq grabbed the immobile Windrazor before returning to Cybertron.

Fictional biography

Formerly a head official in a leading Maximal research facility, Apelinq now uses his considerable skills and talent commanding a highly-trained, elite team of Cybertronian commandos. Specializing in computer xenoscience, Apelinq spearheaded much of the advances unifying conventional technologies with alien cybersystems. He has as much leadership experience in combat situations as he does in laboratory administration. Highly skilled in interfacing wetware interlinks with Cybertronian software, Apelinq utilizes the principles of computational transfer to download solid objects into reality. The limitations of this hybrid technology are not yet known. Preferred mode of travel is his "virtual digiboard". In robot mode, wields dual impact maces, capable of shattering most vanadium-reinforced armor.

3H Enterprises

In his absence, Primal Prime had taken command of the Wreckers, and Apelinq met up with Optimus Primal once again. After giving his old comrade a brief "history" lesson, they went before the Oracle, where were also assembled the other Wreckers, the Dinobots, and the Mutants. Given a mission by the Oracle, Apelinq led several members of the Wreckers to an ancient Autobot shuttle that had been refurbished some time previously.

After a pitched battle with an army of Vehicon drones and the arrival of the rest of their team, Apelinq joined them in departing Cybertron. They were unexpectedly joined by one of his former companions, an Autobot bounty hunter named Devcon.[1] When one of the group, Fractyl, was left critically injured, Apelinq used his Transfer Interlink device to create a medic named CatSCAN, who he was unable to return to data form following the procedure.

After a mishap that resulted in the deaths of several of the crew, Apelinq and company arrived on Archa 9, where they met members of an ancient Autobot survey team. They were then shown the Divine Light, a mysterious power source that Apelinq was fascinated by. However, it was quickly stolen by Cyclonus, a Decepticon who had been welcomed into the ranks of the Wreckers.[2] Despite this loss, Apelinq and his comrades became determined to press onward, and soon came to another planet the Oracle had directed them too, where they found a banished Quintesson. After rescuing him, Apelinq analyzed the weapons used by a group of Sharkticons who had attacked them, and learned that they had been created by an old acquaintance of his: the Predacon scientist Cryotek.[3]

The Wreckers on Archa 9. Left to right - Catscan, Tap-Out, Apelinq, Glyph, Primal Prime and Ramulus

According to Transformers: Universe, Apelinq later merged with Primal Prime to form Sentinel Maximus, in an attempt to stop Cryotek. In the unreleased final issues of the Wreckers comic, Apelinq and the other Wreckers learned of Cryotek's plans to invade Cybertron, and raced back to defend their home planet. They soon arrived, but Cryotek had already installed the Divine Light and begun absorbing its power. He blasted Apelinq and Primal Prime, seemingly killing them both, but the Vector Sigma computer joined the two together as Sentinel Maximus.

Maximus then engaged Cryotek in a drawn out battle before being pulled away to serve as one of Primus' special agents, meeting Windrazor in the process and receiving thanks for Apelinq's rescue of him.[4] These events resulted in the creation of a Mini-Con known, depending on which version of Sentinel Maximus is talked about, as either Hyperlinq or Ape-Linq. In either form, Ape-Linq is a retool of the Mini-Con Rollout, partner to Overload, and is capable of taking Sentinel Maximus' operating system into himself or acting in a symbiotic relationship with the larger Sentinel Maximus.

Sentinel Maximus would subsequently be pulled from the Generation One reality into the Cybertron-reality by Vector Prime in an effort to prevent Nemesis Prime and Ramjet from destroying Primus.

The Transmetal Optimus Primal toy would later be recolored into the Botcon exclusive Apelinq.

Fun Publications

Issue 16 of the Transformers Collectors Club magazine featured Primal Prime Apelinq and Cryotek on the cover.


  • Beast Machines Apelinq (2000)
A BotCon exclusive repaint of transmetal Optimus Primal. Comes with a gun and two clubs.
  • Universe Sentinel Maximus with Ape-Linq (2004)
A convention exclusive remold of Armada Overload with Rollout.
  • Timelines Deluxe Apelinq (2014)
Ape-Linq is a recolor of Cybertron Deluxe Beast Planet Optimus Prime.


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