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Transformers character
Generation 1 Laster in box
Created by

Release number

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Lamborghini Countach

Technical Knight

Transformers: Generation 1

Brainmasters, Elite Guard
Tech specs

ST08 IN08 SP08 EN08

RN08 CO08 FB08 SK10

Laster is a fictional character in the Transformers series. He is a heroic Autobot introduced in 1989 who turns into a Lamborghini Countach or becomes part of Road Caesar.

Transformers: Generation 1

Laster can dodge and slip from any dangerous trap like magic on the battlefield, and his skill matches that of having fought in hundreds of battles. He carries the Laster Laser. He can utilize a "Blizzard Storm Attack" where he turns his tires at full speed to generate his climate control devices to freeze enemies solid. He has a very cool character, and is a very sharp observer of others. There is no dark place completely safe from his eye. His icy demeanor makes fellow Autobots tense, and does not like associating with others.

He may or may not be Unit-3.

Animated series

Laster is one of the regular characters in the Transformers: Victory anime series.

Laster appears in episode 24 "Crisis! Ambush in the Desert". Greatshot patrolled the galaxy for Decepticons and came to Earth where he spotted the Thunder Arrow. The Dinoforce attacked an oil field in Saudi Arabia for its energy. Star Saber sent the Brainmasters and Micromaster Rescue Patrol in Galaxy Shuttle. When the Autobots arrived they were ambushed by the Breast Force. Braver and Laster found it difficult to maneuver in the desert sand. The Rescue Patrol freed the human prisoners from Kakuryu. The Brainmasters formed Road Caesar, but it didn't help. Greatshot came to the rescue as Star Saber called for help. Deathsaurus arrived to take his anger out on Greatshot. Blacker injured himself saving Greatshot from an attack. Star Saber and Greatshot took on Deathsaurus and the Breast Force. Fixit did field repairs on Blacker. The Breast Force retreated when they became too injured to combine. Star Saber damaged the Thunder Arrow and Deathsaurus retreated. Braver and Laster blew up Dinoforce's energon cube stockpile and the last of the Decepticons retreated.

In episode 25 "A Deadly Battle" Blacker recovers at the Autobot Shuttle Base under the care of the Rescue Patrol. God Ginrai contacts Star Saber from space wanting to know about Blacker's injuries and offering to help if the Autobots on Earth need him. In the Thunder Arrow the Decepticons plan their next mission, with member of Breast Force wanting revenge on Greatshot and Deathsaurus closely watching Leozack. The Breast Force are sent to attack an Autobot garrison in Asia. Star Saber receives an SOS from the garrison orders the Brainmasters to remain at the base as he, the Rescue Patrol and Galaxy Shuttle respond. Blacker suspects the Autobot left without him and finds it shameful. The Breast Force focus their attacks on Star Saber and get the best of him. Blacker orders Braver and Laster to join in the fight, leaving him to protect the Shuttle Base. Liokaiser leads Star Saber into a trap where Deathsaurus is waiting. Realizing Star Saber is in danger Jan and Stakeout send an SOS, hoping Greatshot will answer. As Deathsaurus goes to deliver a fatal blow to Star Saber with his cannon God Ginrai arrives to block the blast. All the combatants are injured in the fighting and with the arrival of Braver and Laster the Decepticons flee. God Ginrai's wounds are severe and he collapses.


Dreamwave Productions

Blacker, Braver, Electro, Laster and Volt made cameos standing in a building on Cybertron in Dreamwave Productions Transformers: Generation 1 volume 3 #6, "Atonement".

Fun Publicatons

The Elite Guard Fast Attack Team - Blacker, Braver, Ranger and Laster

In the Fun Publications Wings of Honor stories Laster is a member of the Elite Guard Fast Attack Team. He was killed by a battle with Bruticus.


  • Generation 1 C-321 Brainmaster Laster (1989)
A new mold. Turns from robot to car or becomes the leg of Road Ceasar. Comes with a "Laster Laser" gun, sword and combiner mode fist.
This mold was recolored into Flame.


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