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Grand Scourge is a character featured in various versions of the Transformers franchise.


Unicron Trilogy

Although not featured in the animated series or comics, a toy version of Grand Scourge was recolored from a Japanese-exclusive Transformers: Energon Optimus Prime figure.

Fun Publications

Another version of Grand Scourge later appeared as a recolor of Combiner Wars Optimus Prime/Battle Core Optimus Prime, armed with a recolored sword from the Aligned continuity toylines. This version was introduced as an interdimensional hunter who sought Autobot leaders in various realities and attempted to destroy them using his Matrix Breaker sword. He also possessed the power to mind control other Cybertronians into becoming components of his Combiner form.

"Ask Vector Prime" revealed that one of Grand Scourge's many targets was Reverse Convoy, who was left on the verge of death by his attack only to be revived by Megatron possessing his body. [1]


  • Superlink Grand Scourge (2004)
A recolor of the 2004 Grand Convoy Model Kit.
  • Combiner Wars Grand Scourge (2015)
A recolor of Combiner Wars Optimus Prime/Battle Core Optimus Prime with a red recolor of Beast Hunter Optimus Prime's sword.