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Megatronia is a female Decepticon combiner from the Unite Warriors line of the Transformers franchise. Her name is an obvious feminization of Megatron and/or Megatronus, while her individual components are named for playing card suits.

Unite Warriors


Unite Warriors

Megaempress and her four bodyguards were granted the ability to combine by Trickdiamond, an expert in black market technology.

The components of Megatronia appeared after Lynxmaster succeeded in defeating Grand Galvatron. [1]


  • Unite Warriors Megatronia (2017)
Megatronia is a recolor of Generations Combiner Wars Victorion, minus Rust Dust. Megaempress is a recolor of Pyra Magna/Hot Spot, Lunaclub and Moonheart are recolors of Skyburst and Stormclash (both from the Alpha Bravo mold), Flowspade is a recolor of Dust Up, and Trickdiamond is recolored from Jumpstream (both remolded from Breakdown). [2]
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