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Buzzsaw is the name of six fictional characters from the Transformers series. The original Bussaw was introduced in 1984 and voiced by Frank Welker in the Transformers television series. Some versions of the character are spelled "Buzz Saw" with a space.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Box art of the original Buzzsaw toy
Name Buzzsaw
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Generations
Transformers: Timelines
English voice actor Frank Welker
Alternate modes

Mechanical condor/Cassette (Generation 1)
Mechanical condor/tablet/fork lift (Generations)

Mechanical bird (Timelines)
Function Spy
Gender Male
Motto "My bite is worse than my bark."
Partner Soundwave
Sub-group Cassettes, Legends

Buzzsaw is a Decepticon Transformer which transforms from a mechanical golden condor into a microcassette tape.[1] He works in tandem with his partner Soundwave, and fellow cassettes Laserbeak, Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, and Ratbat. Buzzsaw's name derives from his micro-serrated beak, which can slice through most materials. He excelled in espionage due to his small animal form, and is far braver than the cowardly Laserbeak.


According to X-Entertainment Buzzsaw was the first Decepticon cassette toy sold in the US, but he was mostly forgotten.[2]

The Soundwave exclusive with Buzzsaw was voted the #5 top toy exclusive at SDCC 2009 by Wired Magazine.[3]

Fictional biography

Profile: Given his reputation for civility and sophistication, it might seem surprising at first that Buzzsaw is also one of the cruelest and most destructive of all Decepticons. But his two sides are not contradictory. He carries out his lethal tasks with the careful, reasoned approach of a fine artist, with the cool precision of a neurosurgeon. He views every awful undertaking of his as the beginning of a new masterpiece. Every opponent he defeats marks a completion. And, like any true artist, nothing can sway him from his commitment to his deadly craft. He will only end his career when the Autobots are no more.

Abilities: Using his optical sensors, Buzzsaw can pinpoint and photographically record a thumbtack at 20 miles, making him invaluable on spy missions. He can fly virtually soundlessly at speeds up to 250 mph for a distance of 1500 miles. He's equipped with twin mortar cannons that can fire five rounds per minute. His most feared weapon is his beak, which, with its diamond-hard, micro-serrated edges, he can use to carve up all except the most strong-skinned opponents. And, like the artist he is, he uses his beak with great finesse.

Weaknesses: Buzzsaw has a tremendous ego. If one of his carefully planned operations should go astray, ruining what he considers a work of art in progress, he will often stop and sulk rather than improvise and proceed.

Animated series

The Transformers

Buzzsaw would occasionally appear in The Transformers animated series, usually partnered with Laserbeak on spying or attack missions. However, he was featured far less than Laserbeak, likely because Buzzsaw was included with the Soundwave toy, so featuring Laserbeak would boost Laserbeak's sales.

Transformers: The Headmasters

Buzzsaw also appeared in several episodes of the Japanese Transformers: The Headmasters series, being one of the cassettes who recovered Soundwave's body after his fatal duel with Blaster, rebuilding him into Soundblaster. He went on to battle Twincast (the similarly rebuilt Blaster) and his cassettes on several other occasions.


Buzzsaw was featured in the 1985 Find Your Fate Junior book called Battle Drive by Barbara Siegel and Scott Siegel.[4]


Devil's Due Publishing

In the third G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers crossover from Devil's Due Publishing, Buzzsaw (in his golden color scheme) was one of the Decepticons under Serpent O.R. who attacked Autobot Capital City. He appeared again as part of the Decepticon reinforcements sent to stop an Autobot/G.I. Joe breakout. With the eventual defeat of Serpentor, Buzzsaw's fate is unknown.

Fun Publications

In the 2006 BotCon story and the accompanying tech spec for the Laserbeak toy released at the convention it was revealed that after the end of the Great War, Divebomb of the original Predacons had rebuilt Laserbeak, Buzzsaw and Ravage into Predacons as part of a secret project to overthrow the Maximals. Ravage swiftly grew discontented and left to work for the TriPredacus Council. When Megatron and his crew stole the Golden Disc, Divebomb, knowing of his plans to alter history, ordered Laserbeak and Buzzsaw's ship to assist them. They badly damaged the Axalon, but were distracted by the Maximal ship Chromia 10 long enough for the Axalon to find their weak spot and destroy them, ending Buzzsaw's career at last.

IDW Publishing

Buzzsaw made his first appearance in the IDW Publishing continuity in issue #2 of The Transformers: Megatron Origin, where he, Ravage and Laserbeak were shown to be already working with Soundwave, unlike Rumble and Frenzy. Accompanying Soundwave to a clandestine meeting with Megatron, leader of the underground gladiator games. When they realised Autobots had tracked them, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw took out one while Ravage dealt with the other.

Marvel Comics

Buzzsaw was one of the original ten Decepticons that crashed to Earth in the Ark. After being reactivated and given the Earthen mode of a condor, Buzzsaw would participate in many of the early battles against the Autobots, seemingly taking Laserbeak's place as Shockwave's pet — until a disastrous raid by Megatron led to Buzzsaw, along with Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Rumble and Frenzy, getting deactivated by Omega Supreme. Buzzsaw was eventually rescued, along with the other captive Decepticons by Ratbat's forces. He would then participate in the battles against Scorponok's Decepticons and then against the Autobots, toppling Omega Supreme, using their united force. None realized, however, that it was all a ruse by Starscream to gain the power of the Underbase for himself. The Autobots and Decepticons would then unite to stop him, but Starscream's power was too great, and Buzzsaw was one of those deactivated. He was not seen again. Interestingly, Buzzsaw was capable of speech in the comic book, unlike the cartoon.


  • Generation 1 Soundwave with Buzzsaw (1984)
Buzzsaw was a Transformer which transforms from a mechanical golden condor into a microcassette tape.[5][6]
One of the earliest Transformers toys. [7] Buzzsaw was packaged with Soundwave. He shares a mold with Laserbeak and Garboil.[8] He was re-released as a SDCC exclusive in 2009. [9][10]
  • Timelines Basic Buzzsaw (2005)
A BotCon 2005 exclusive recolor of Energon Divebomb.[11]
  • Generations Combiner Wars Legends Buzzsaw (2015)
Turns from robotic bird to forklift or tablet.

Beast Wars

Transformers character
Buzz Saw art by IDW comics
Name Buzz Saw
Series Beast Wars
First appearance Beast Wars: The Ascending #2
Alternate modes Giant bee
Function Aerial surveillance
Gender Male
Motto "Catch you opponent unawares and his destruction is assured."
Rank 5
Sub-group Deluxe Beasts

In the Beast Wars toy line, Buzz Saw is the name of a Predacon, a recolor of the Waspinator toy.

For the similarly named Fuzor Predacon; see Buzzclaw

The CGI artists used the "mutant" head as a model for Waspinator's animated appearance. Many of the first season toys came with a "mutant" head optional along with the robot's normal head. In the comic, the artist choose to draw Buzz Saw's normal robot head to differentiate him from Waspinator.

Fictional biography

Hunts enemy Maximals from altitudes of 20,000 feet. Uses infrared scanning sensors wired within its eyes to detect movement below, then zeros in and launches powerful air-to-ground "sting" missiles to induce temporary paralysis. Buzz Saw can exit Earth's atmosphere at any time, but prefers hunting land-based enemies where it has the advantage of flight. Known to gang up on victims with its evil partner, the wicked Waspinator.

Animated series

Buzz Saw's stasis pod was among those who were launched into orbit around prehistoric Earth in the series Beast Wars pilot.[12]

IDW Publishing

Buzz Saw did not appear in the animated series, but made an appearance in the IDW's Beast Wars: The Gathering comics series in 2006. Instead of being partnered with Waspinator as on his tech specs, he worked with Lazorbeak. This comic team-up may be a reference to the G1 Buzzsaw and Laserbeak who both served under Soundwave, or possibly a homage to the fact that Waspinator and Terrorsaur often teamed up in the Beast Wars animated series.

Buzz Saw appeared in Beast Wars: The Ascending #2. Leo Prime lead The Pack to Earth 70,000 B.C. to rescue Razorbeast. The Pack were reformatted into beast modes and landed in the middle of a fight between the Maximals and Predacons. Once on Earth Longrack attacked Buzzsaw, throwing him into Transquito.

Buzz Saw had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[13]


  • Beast Wars Deluxe Buzz Saw (1996)
Buzz Saw's toy was a redeco of Waspinator. In Japan it was packaged individually or paired with Wolfang.[14][15]

Beast Machines

Transformers character
Name Buzzsaw
Series Beast Machines
Alternate modes Technorganic wasp
Function Aerial Reconnaissance
Gender Male
Motto "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"

In the Beast Machines toy line, Buzzsaw is the name of a Maximal who transforms into a technorganic wasp, who was saved from Megatron's virus by Rattrap. It has been heavily speculated that he may in fact be the Predacon character from Beast Wars. This character did not appear in the TV series.

3H Enterprises

Although there was no toy of Buzzsaw in the Transformers: Universe toy line, the character of Beast Machines Buzzsaw appeared in the Transformers: Universe comic book.


  • Beast Machines Buzzsaw
This figure was based on drawings by Hasbro designer Tim Bradley.[16] The mold has not yet been reused.

Transformers Armada

Transformers character
Armada Buzzsaw toy
Name Buzzsaw
Series Transformers: Armada
Transformers: Energon
Alternate modes Bucket-wheel excavator
Gender Male
Partner Dualor, Drill Bit
Sub-group Destruction Team

In the Transformers: Armada series, Buzzsaw is the name of a Mini-Con, a member of the Destruction Team. He transforms into a bucket-wheel excavator.

Animated series

Buzzsaw appeared in Transformers: Armada episode #17, "Conspiracy" in the possession of the Decepticons.[17]

Oval, Buzzsaw and Knock Out repaired Tidal Wave in episode #30, "Runaway."

Dreamwave Productions

In Transformers: Armada #9-11 by Dreamwave Productions the Destruction Team were among the Mini-Cons survived crashing on Earth's moon. Under the leadership of Dualor they built a fortress there and defended it from an attack by Megatron, Starscream, Thrust and Cyclonus. Once Megatron overpowered the base the Mini-Cons escaped to Earth.

The Destruction Team went on to bargain with Megatron, offering the strength of their combined service in exchange for a position of power in the Decepticons. Megatron allowed the three Mini-Cons to demonstrate their power with Cyclonus, who was burned up and driven made by their powerlink. Although their eventual fate is unrevealed, series author Simon Furman said that it can be assumed Megatron shot the three Mini-Cons into the sun for their betrayal.


  • Armada Mini-Con Buzzsaw
He was later recolored green as part of the "Road Assault Team" and as numerous Japanese-exclusive repaints. In addition, the mold was also used later for the Japanese promotional "Megalo Micron" named Zigzag, and the Cybertron Mini-Con Landslide. The entire destruction Team could bond with Cyclonus.[18][19]
Various special 6 packs of Mini-Cons was released in the Energon line. One contained the Night Attack and Road Wrecker teams. The toys were identical to the Armada versions.

Transformers: Cybertron

Transformers character
Cybertron Buzzsaw toy
Name Buzzsaw
Series Transformers: Cybertron
Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes Helicopter
Function Aerial Attacker
Gender Male
Motto "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"
Partner Runamuck
Sub-group Deluxe vehicles

In Transformers: Cybertron (Transformers: Galaxy Force in Japan), Buzzsaw is again the name of a Decepticon.

He has chest-mounted machine guns.

Animated series

Buzzsaw appeared in the Cybertron television series during the announcement at the "Great Race" on Velocitron in one episode, but he never took on robot mode or was named.

Fun Publications

In the Fun Publications story Force of Habit Brushguard lead a small team of Decepticons to the planet Combatron looking the Cyber Planet Keys. Among his troops were Buzzsaw, Hardtop, Runamuck and Swindle. On the planet they discovered a long lost weapons cache and attempt to bring it back to Megatron but they are opposed by Autobots lead by Longrack. During the story Buzzsaw found the Mini-Con Heavy Barrel and partnered with him. Heavy Barrel is based on the Micron Booster Trigger, who in turn is a recolor of Armada Crumplezone, the original Mini-Con partner to Buzzsaw's mold. [20][21]

Runamuck, Skywarp, Brushguard, and Buzzsaw appeared among Cannonball's troops in the Transformers Collectors Club exclusive story The Dark Heart of Sandokan by Benson Yee. When Buzzsaw scoffed at his captain calling the planet Sandokan was cursed Cannonball put him in his place.


  • Cybertron Deluxe Buzzsaw (2005)
This character transforms into a helicopter, and is a retool of the Armada Cyclonus toy, with a new head design, and is an homage to Beast Wars Buzzsaw. In Japan he was packaged with Cybertron Blurr, but in the US the two toys were packaged separately.[22]
The release of Buzzsaw in Cybertron Deluxe wave 3.5 was packaged with a DVD containing the third episode of Transformers: Cybertron, called "Hidden". Oddly, he did not appear in that episode.
While his Mini-Con partner was left out of this remold of the toy, the Mini-Con was released separately in Japan as a blind packaged Micron Booster under the name of Trigger.
A Sam's Club exclusive 5 pack of Transformers included Cybertron Buzzsaw and Runamuck was sold in 2008 under the Universe label.

Shattered Glass

Transformers character
Name Buzzsaw
First appearance Transformers: Timelines volume 2 #5, "Shattered Glass"
Alternate modes Mechanical condor/microcassette
Gender Male
Sub-group Communications

This Buzzsaw is an alternate good version of the Generation 1 character from the BotCon exclusive "Shattered Glass" comic, in which the Decepticons are on the side of good and the Autobots on the side of evil. He appears to be colored like Generation 1 Steeljaw. Presumably like all Decepticons of his world, he is heroic and opposed to the evil Autobots.

Fun Publications

Buzzsaw appeared as a member of Megatron's forces in the Transformers: Timelines story "Shattered Glass" story by Fun Publications.


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