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Frenzy is the name of several fictional characters in the various Transformers universes.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Name Frenzy
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Generation 2
Transformers: Music Label
Transformers: Reveal the Shield
Transformers: United
English voice actor Frank Welker (Television series)
Christopher Swindle (Transformers: Devastation)
Japanese voice actor Keiichi Nanba (Television series)
Yūichi Nagashima ("Day of the Machines", "Attack of the Autobots")
Alternate modes Microcassette Tape, Car, Headphone, Tank
Function Warrior
Motto "Sow panic and surrender will bloom!"
Partner Laserbeak, Ratbat, Soundwave, and Rumble
Sub-group Communications, Go-Bots

Frenzy often works with Soundwave, along with other cassette Decepticons Ravage, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw.[1] Because of his coloration on the original cartoon, he is sometimes misidentified as Rumble. The toy is colored blue and indigo, but his cartoon model is red, black, and gold. His toy-accurate color scheme in the Marvel Comics series remained intact, and following media such as Dreamwave and IDW's comics followed the toy's colors as well.[2][3]


According to X-Entertainment Frenzy didn't speak as much as Rumble in the Transformers cartoon and his toy was often confused with Rumble.[4] Wired magazine once nominated him as one of the 12 most ridiculous Transformers of all time.[5]

Marvel Comics

In the comics Frenzy was one of the Decepticons that originally attacked the Ark and subsequently fell to Earth. Reconfigured into the Earth mode of a microcassette he participated in many of the early battles against the Autobots. Until, that is, he was one of those who went with Megatron in his raid against the Autobot base, summarily getting deactivated by Omega Supreme along with Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Rumble and Buzzsaw. That would be all the US comics heard from Frenzy for a while but the UK comics had him returning much sooner in the Target: 2006 storyline, where, after escaping from the Ark with Thundercracker they and Shockwave would be displaced into a limbo dimension to make way for time-travellers Hot Rod, Kup and Blurr, where they battled against Optimus Prime, Prowl and Ratchet, as well as parasitic aliens feeding off their emotions. Working together to find a way out they returned to reality when Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge time-jumped back to the future. In the UK comics he seemingly rejoined the ranks of the Decepticons, while he was freed from the Autobot base in U.S. issue 41.

Transformers: Generation 2

Frenzy made an appearance in the Decepticon forces under the command of Megatron in issue #7 of the Marvel Generation 2 comic series, in a story called "New Dawn." Megatron lead his Decepticons against Jhiaxus' second generation Cybertronians near the moon of Tykos. The Decepticons were defeated and Megatron left injured, presumed dead, but swearing revenge.[6]

Frenzy would meet his end in the final issue of the Generation 2 series. After battling against Jhiaxus' Generation 2 Transformers the combined Autobot/Decepticon alliance were attacked by The Swarm. In an attempt to slow it Frenzy had Wheeljack patch him into a massive source of sonic energy. Although he succeeded in temporarily halting the swarm, the sonics proved too much for his system and he was literally shaken apart.

"Oh. Oh, man! I'm gone! Solid gone..." - Frenzy's last words

Animated series

The animated series accidentally swapped the color schemes for Rumble and Frenzy - Rumble was now colored as Frenzy and vice versa.

In the animated series, Frenzy was not as prominent a character as Rumble, first appearing in the episode "Countdown To Extinction" and made few appearances after that, usually appearing alongside Rumble. He did appear in the movie being punched out the city and fighting Ramhorn. He then appeared on Astrotrain and helped Rumble take down Devastator when they all fought for leadership of the Decepticons.[7]


Frenzy was featured in the 1985 Find Your Fate Junior books Dinobots Strike Back by Casey Todd[8] and Battle Drive by Barbara Siegel and Scott Siegel.[9]

Dreamwave Productions

Frenzy would first be seen in The War Within prequel series, as part of the massive Decepticon assault on Iacon city led by Shockwave, along with Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Bludgeon, Brawl, Chopshop, Dirge, Octane, Onslaught, Ramjet, Tantrum, Venom and Vortex. In the third series, he and Rumble inadvertently wrecked Shockwave's attempts to study the Seeker clones that Megatron had used to conquer Cybertron.

When the Ark fell to Earth in 1984, Frenzy was among the Decepticons on board. Battling the Autobots repeatedly, they were eventually defeated by a combined human-Autobot alliance. They were to be taken back to Cybertron, but were sabotaged by rogue elements of the U.S. military, who wanted to build weapons using Transformers technology (unaware they were being indirectly manipulated by Shockwave). Unable to do this, they began to control the Transformers themselves.

Frenzy was among the Transformers who briefly fell under the control of the terrorist, Lazarus. Bumblebee, Frenzy, Grimlock, Laserbeak, Prowl, Ravage, Soundwave and Starscream were forced to attack the Smitco oil refinery in the Arctic to display their power for sale to the highest bidder.

Frenzy would not appear again until the following year, when both sides were lured to the wilderness in Alaska by a mysterious beacon. Both sides battled until the arrival of a force led by Shockwave and Ultra Magnus, who defeated Megatron and arrested all present as war criminals. Desperate to save their own necks, Frenzy and Rumble both joined up with Shockwave and were assigned by him to guard the badly damaged Megatron. They failed as Starscream was able to dump Megatron's body in space (reminiscent of his fate in the movie). They were then sent by Shockwave on a critical mission - reviving the Stunticons. They were then co-opted by Starscream and head to Earth with him,Soundwave, Skywarp, Thundercracker and the Combaticons. They defeated most of the Autobots still on Earth, but are themselves attacked by Sunstorm. After Starscream defeated him(with aid from the Autobots) he returned to his base to find Soundwave, Rumble and Frenzy acting oddly. The reason why would soon become clear - Megatron had returned, backed by the Predacons, and Soundwave had been taking orders from him all along.Any further tales of Frenzy would never be told, as Dreamwave would go into receivership from there.

Transformers/G.I. Joe

Frenzy also appeared in Dreamwave's Transformers/G.I. Joe series, as one of the Decepticons allied with Cobra. Reconfigured with the alternate mode of a hand grenade, Frenzy battled the G.I. Joe member Beach Head, but was killed when Beach Head managed to signal the rest of G.I. Joe to open fire on a fully loaded bomber next to Frenzy, badly damaging him. He was subsequently destroyed by a sustained barrage. Not only does Frenzy have an intense hatred of humans, calling them "meat", but he and Rumble are described as brothers in this continuity as well.

Devil's Due Publishing

In the G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers comics printed by Devil's Due Publishing, Frenzy was one of the Decepticons discovered by Cobra in the Ark, although they were reactivated later than the others. Frenzy was reprogrammed by Cobra Commander to follow his orders, although he retained his original Cassette and robot alternate modes. Destro used a newly purchased Soundwave, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak and Ratbat along with stolen Cybertronian technology to attack a military base - only to be attacked by the newly formed G.I. Joe.

There is an art error here. Rumble appears to get shot in the head and killed while under Destro's command, yet Rumble is among the Decepticons who break free next issue (and is clearly identified as Rumble by Soundwave). The TPB of the comic series corrected the error and showed that it was Frenzy who was killed.

IDW Publishing

After the Transformers license passed to IDW Publishing, Frenzy appeared as one of the Decepticons under Starscream's command in the alternate reality Evolutions tale "Hearts of Steel". He was seen warning the unscrupulous businessman Bonaventure to turn back, but relented when the human talked of an alliance, and took him to see Starscream. He did not appear after this, but he was most likely destroyed when John Henry and Bumblebee diverted the Decepticon train convoy into a chasm.

Frenzy made his first appearance in the main IDW continuity in issue 1 of The Transformers: Megatron Origin miniseries. Captured by the guard of the Senator after Megatron's riot at the energon mine, Rumble and Frenzy convinced the unwilling Megatron to help them escape. Breaking free and incapacitating the guards, the three fugitives took the ship underground, unaware they had attracted the attention of Sentinel Prime. After getting involved in underground bloodsports in Kaon, Rumble and Frenzy have become awed by Megatron's violence and charisma, and have been shown as loyal acolytes staying by his side. After Soundwave offered Megatron the use of advanced weaponry, Frenzy and Rumble were modified to be able to work with him. This allows him to participate in the murdering of the Senate, free the Decepticon prisoners, and raid armory. He then proceeds to join in the main assault on the city of Kaon.

Frenzy makes his first modern appearance in the second issue of IDW's All Hail Megatron series, set one year in the future of their Transformers continuity. In this Frenzy is portrayed as his traditional role as a minion of Soundwave with his traditional blue color scheme and as such is a microcassette tape unleashed on Megatron's orders against an entire battalion of human military ground forces that had gathered in Central Park as part of a counter offensive against Megatron's assault on New York. This Frenzy is also possessed of sonic powers but they induce delusional nightmares and horrific hallucinations in those that hear it. It appears to affect everyone including Frenzy himself, who's been reduced to a maniacal figure who attacks his prey with what look like drills instead of forearms (probably a nod to the piledrivers Rumble uses) in an almost berzerker fury. Only Soundwave, it seems, is immune to this frequency. Its reported later in the issue that Frenzy succeeds in wiping out the entire ground force by himself.


Frenzy appears in the Generations 2011 issue #2 "The Fierce Fighting on Planet Nebulos" where he is among the Decepticon forces who ambush the Autobots on Nebulos.[10]


  • Generation 1 Frenzy (1984)
Based on a Microman mold. Shares a mold with his brother Rumble.One of the earliest Transformers toys.[11] Frenzy also holds the distinction of being the only one of the original Transformers toys produced by Hasbro for four concurrent years (he was available with Ratbat as late as 1987).[12]
  • Generation 2 Gobot Frenzy
Frenzy was released in Generation 2 as a Go-Bot, sharing the same mold as the Autobot Blowout and Go-Bot Megatron. His alternate mode was a Porsche 959.
The accompanying biography indicated he still loved to fight, considering it his reason for living. Causing chaos, despite his physical weakness, he has earned the respect of his fellow Decepticons.[13][14]
  • Music Label Rumble & Frenzy (2008)
Rumble and Frenzy transform into functional headphones that work with Music Label Soundwave or any portable media device.[15]
  • Perfect Effect PE-01 Shadow Warrior (2010)
A third-party figure that closely resembles the Generation 1 Rumble and Frenzy toys, but transforms into a gun like a Targetmaster. Despite being smaller than Rumble and Frenzy, this figure is more poseable and comes with a pair of piledriver attachments.
A second variant labeled PE-02R Warrior Type-R is a red redeco that uses the same color scheme as the original Rumble toy.
  • CrazyDevy's Most Wanted CDMW-07 Upgrade Kit (2010)
A third-party upgrade kit for the Generation 1 Rumble and Frenzy toys. The kit contains a poseable head attached to a clip that forms the robot mode's neck and crotch, plus a pair of cartoon-accurate guns and piledrivers.
  • Reveal the Shield Scout Frenzy (unreleased)
An all-new mold of Frenzy, which transforms into a tank.
  • United UN-20 Scout Rumble & Frenzy (Takara Tomy) (2011)
The Japanese version of the Reveal the Shield Rumble & Frenzy figures by Takara Tomy bundled in one package.[16][17]

Transformers: Cybertron

The Terrorcons called Scrapmetal by Hasbro were called Ramble by Takara, the Japanese name for Frenzy's brother Rumble. This had led to some fans calling the red Scrapmetal Rumble and the blue one Frenzy. The blue redeco of Scrapmetal was never released by Hasbro, only the red and yellow variants.

Transformers Cinematic Universe

Transformers character
Name Frenzy
Series Transformers film series
English voice actor Reno Wilson (2007 film), Bronco O. Jackson (Cyber Missions)
Alternate modes GPX Boombox, Black Nokia 8800 (head), Car Stereo
Function Hacker, Espionage Expert
Motto "Sow panic and surrender will bloom."
Partner Barricade, Megatron, Starscream
Rank 4
Sub-group Micro Vehicles, Fast Action Battlers, Triple Changers, Mini-Cons

Frenzy appears as the quinary antagonist in the 2007 live-action Transformers movie. He takes on the stealth spy role that was originally Soundwave's. The movie's creators have stated that the character design had evolved too far from being Soundwave. Also, during production he was preliminarily named Boombot[18] and Soundbyte.[19]

In the film, Frenzy is small, and very thin, standing at 1.2 m (around 4 feet) tall.[20] It is implied that he is also lightweight, given the ease with which a stewardess on Air Force One is able to pick him up while in his alternate mode. His alternate mode is shown as a silver GPX boombox, with round speakers and blue diode-lights.[21] At one point, he is decapitated and survives as just his head, scanning and taking the form of a mobile phone belonging to Mikaela to continue his task. His weapons include a small automatic weapon on each hand and CD-like shurikens that fire out of his chest. His character is manic (living up to his name), sometimes comedic, and he and Alice in the next film are the only Decepticons with blue colored optics, rather than the usual red.


IGN described Frenzy's sneaking on Airforce-1 as one of the worst moments of the Transformers movie.[22]


Frenzy first appeared in the prequel novel Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday. Here, he was portrayed as being smaller than the other Decepticons, but still able to engage in combat with the likes of Jazz. He participated in Blackout's attack on the Autobots, double-teaming Optimus Prime, although they failed. Later, in the final assault he was taken out by Jazz.

Movie plot

Frenzy first appears when he infiltrates Air Force One to hack into the U.S. military's mainframe to find out Megatron's location. The military officials disrupt the downloads and send three secret service agents after the infiltrator, but Frenzy kills them and escapes. He then aids Barricade in locating Sam Witwicky. When let loose on Sam and Mikaela Banes, Frenzy attacks Sam but is decapitated by Mikaela using a reciprocating saw (a circular saw in the comic adaptation). He survives the injury and leaving his inert body behind, his head sprouts spider-like legs for movement, reformats into Mikaela's mobile phone and hides in her bag.

Later, he infiltrates the Hoover Dam and uses the power of the All Spark to regenerate his lost body. In the original script as well as the comic adaptation, he reattaches his original body, which is brought to him by the other Decepticons. He then proceeds to shut down the cooling systems, resulting in Megatron's reawakening, and alerts the Decepticons to the All Spark's presence. While attacking a group of humans in the control rooms, Frenzy accidentally kills himself when one of his own shurikens goes full circle and slices his head in two.

He speaks mostly in Cybertronian, with occasional English words thrown in between, for example, when he frees Megatron from the hangar he speaks in Cybertronian with the English word 'Melting' used meaningfully "Megatron, Megatron.. MEGATRON!..ooh!...Megatron melting!" He also mutters constantly in Cybertronian and makes noises that sound like English words (even swear words at one point) He also makes an obscene hand gesture at the humans who were standing near Barricade. He also makes groaning and creaking sounds even when he is just walking, these sounds are cartoonish in nature, For example, before hacking the computer in Air force One he 'cracks' his knuckles, as if in preparation.

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Frenzy's reconstructed head is seen in the basement of Seymour Simmons' mother's deli. When Leo approaches the head in a jar, Simmons warns him, "Hey. Still radioactive, hands off."

IDW Publishing

Frenzy appeared in issue #2 of "Transformers: Alliance" where Soundwave arrived at the crash site of the Nemesis on Mars. There he found the body of Frenzy, then contacted Starscream rally to his signal. Soundwave deployed a number of his forces on Earth, leaving others on his ship.

Titan Magazines

In "Twilight's Last Gleaming" part 3 Bumblebee attempted to take on Megatron in the Sector 7 base as Mikaela attempted to free Optimus Prime, but she was attacked by Frenzy. In part 4 Mikaela frees Optimus Prime and freezes Frenzy just as Bumblebee gets some unexpected help fighting Megatron by the arrival of Elita One, Skyblast and Strongarm.

Transformers: Meet the Decepticons

According to the book Transformers - Meet The Decepticons by Jennifer Frantz, Frenzy can emit a scream which shuts down computers, and can also turn into a car stereo which plugs into Barricade. This book had all six Decepticons leaving Earth together after being defeated by the Autobots, instead of having most of their numbers die.


Frenzy is a non-playable character in the video game, but is mentioned in several missions. In the Decepticon campaign the player has to save Frenzy from Sector 7 when playing as Barricade. He also is the one providing instructions when Starscream is the playable characters. Unlike in the movie, he is depicted as having red eyes.


  • Transformers Deluxe Barricade with Frenzy (2007)
Frenzy comes with the Barricade figure. He folds and stores inside Barricade's chest (front end in car mode).[23]
  • Transformers Deluxe First Encounter Barricade with Frenzy (vs. Bumblebee) (2007)
Frenzy once again comes with Barricade as he is packaged in a box with the classic Camaro form of Bumblebee.[24]
  • Transformers Fast Action Battlers Disc Blast Decepticon Frenzy (2007)
A Deluxe sized toy with simplified transformation for younger children. Transforms into a boombox.
  • Transformers Deluxe Recon Barricade with Frenzy (2007)
Frenzy once again comes with Barricade in the repaint of Barricade. Frenzy's colors are blue, which is more reminiscent to the original toy and Dreamwave comics version as opposed to the cartoon series version.
  • Transformers Deluxe Screen Battles: First Encounter Barricade with Frenzy (2008)
Frenzy once again comes with Barricade, this time in a diorama box with figurines of Sam, Mikaela, and a non-transforming, but more film-accurate robot mode Frenzy. The Frenzy included with Barricade is molded in black with no paint applications. To prevent the redundancy of having 2 Frenzys in the same box, the black version is permantly fixed inside Barricade (although he can be removed by disassembling a portion of the Barricade toy).[25]
  • Transformers Target Exclusive All-Spark Power Barricade with Frenzy (2008)
Barricade gets yet another repaint. Light blue "energon" paint apps have been applied in different locations on Barricade. This figure includes a red version of the Frenzy figure, which more closely matches his Generation 1 cartoon colors.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Human Alliance Barricade with Frenzy (2010)
Announced at Botcon 2009.[26]

Non-transforming merchandise

  • Transformers Robot Replicas Decepticon Frenzy (2007)
A poseable, non-transforming action figure that is the most accurate-looking in comparison to his film counterpart. Comes equipped with chest shuriken and an attack claw that can be attached on either arm.[27]

Shattered Glass

Transformers character
Name Frenzy
Series Transformers: Timelines
Alternate modes Microcassette
Sub-group Communications

This Frenzy is an alternate good version of the Generation 1 character from the BotCon exclusive "Shattered Glass" comic, in which the Decepticons are on the side of good and the Autobots on the side of evil.

Fun Publications

Frenzy appeared as a member of Megatron's forces in the "Shattered Glass" story.

Frenzy appears in the story Eye in the Sky. Cliffjumper, Crasher, Frenzy, Heatwave, Ravage and Soundwave are sent on a mission to Burpleson Air Force Base to stop the Autobots from controlling the GODS defense system. Heatwave uses his powers to convince the GODS transmitter to fire the weapon on itself and stop the Autobots from taking control.

Transformers: Prime

Transformers character
Name Frenzy
Series Transformers: War for Cybertron
English voice actor Keith Silverstein
Alternate modes Cybertronian Microcassette
Function Soundwave, Laserbeak, Rumble
Motto "Time to dance, Autobots!"
Rank 4
Sub-group Mini-Cons


Appears as one of Soundwave's Mini-Cons in the novel Transformers: Exodus.[28]

Video games

In the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron, Frenzy appears in the Autobot campaign, where Optimus Prime and his team must defeat Soundwave to save Zeta Prime. Frenzy is one of Soundwave's minions alongside Laserbeak and Rumble.

In Fall of Cybertron; the sequel to the game, Frenzy makes one small appearance in Chapter 10 on a conveyor belt in Soundwave's workshop and in Chapter 11 of the game punching an Autobot multiple times.


  • Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Frenzy (2012)


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