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Spittor is the name of several fictional characters from the Transformers series.

Beast Wars

Transformers character
Name Spittor
Series Beast Wars Transformers
Alternate modes Giant Poison frog, Giant Transmetal frog
Function Surprise Attack, Amphibious Warrior
Motto "I’ m mean to the core… I got meanness oozing out of every pore."
Rank 6
Sub-group Basic Beasts, Transmetals, Transmetal II, Wreckers

Spittor is a Predacon who turns into a poisonous frog.

Dreamwave Productions

Spittor appeared in the unpublished first issue of the Dreamwave comics Beast Wars series.

IDW Publishing

Spittor was among the troops of Magmatron in the Beast Wars: The Gathering series. He worked alongside fellow Predacons Iguanus, Manterror, Transquito and Drill Bit. Before leaving for prehistoric Earth, Spittor was reformatted into a giant frog. After Magmatron activated the stasis pods it was Spittor who discovered the first Maximal, Polarclaw, who summarily squashed Spittor. While the rest of the new Predacon army sought to quell the new Maximal army, Drillbit and Spittor, along with Magmatron, hunted down Razorbeast. Spittor got the drop on Ramulus, using his poison tongue to knock the mountain-dwelling Maximal off a cliff. Later, when the Predacons located the Maximal base, Spittor was among the attackers. He and his cohorts had their enemies outnumbered, but a new squad of Maximals arrived just in time. Spittor was easily thwarted by a sweep of Torca's tusks.

He appears among the Predacons on the cover of the first issue of the sequel story Beast Wars: The Ascending. In Beast Wars: The Ascending Armordillo, B'Boom, Bantor, Buzzclaw, Cybershark, Lazorbeak, Manterror, Optimus Minor, Powerpinch, Ramulus, Razorbeast, Retrax, Claw Jaw, Sky Shadow, Spittor, Stinkbomb and Terragator were wounded in battle and left on Earth. Together they fought and defeated the Blendtrons Drancron, Elephaorpha and Rartorarta. Although Razorbeast survived the battle he was infected with Rartorarta's maddening sting and had to be put down by Optimus Minor to stop him from attacking his allies.

Spittor had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[1]

3H Enterprises

In the Primeval Dawn series by 3H Enterprises Spittor and Iguanus were among the Predacon troops led by Tarantulas. Spittor and Iguanus were upgraded into transmetal 2 form in this series, presumably by Tarantulas. Although this series was never finished, it is assumed Spittor survived and joined the Maximals in returning to Cybertron, while Iguanus died.

Upon returning to Cybertron Spittor joined the Wreckers under the leadership of Primal Prime. The Wreckers rescued Optimus Primal and Nightscream from some Tank Drones, they were assigned a vague mission by the Oracle. Spittor, Primal Prime, and Fractyl met up with Rodimus and Arcee. They then rendezvoused with the other Wreckers. After a fierce battle with some Vehicons, the group boards an Autobot shuttle.

Shortly after take-off, however, Spittor and some others were ambushed by Devcon. Rodimus convinced the former peace marshal to calm down, and Spittor went off to recuperate. Not long after the scuffle, the section of the ship holding Spittor, Sonar, and the Deployers suffered an explosion. Packrat choose to detonate that section rather than risk the whole ship's destruction. Thus, Spittor was killed.


  • Kenner Beast Wars Transformers Basic Spittor
A basic sized Predacon toy. This toy was later redecoed into the Maximal Diver. Interestingly, although the spittor toy itself possessed a Predacon Energon chip, the packaging (at least in the UK) indicated that he was a Maximal, leading to confusion. However, since his appearance in comics, Spittor is now a confirmed Predacon in the fiction.[2]
  • Transmetal Spittor
A red redeco of the original Spittor, sold only in Europe.
  • Transmetal 2 Spittor
A new mold. This toy was later redecoed into the Predacon Slapper.

Transformers Animated

Transformers character
Name Spittor
Series Transformers Animated
Japanese voice actor Hideo Ishikawa
Alternate modes Cybertronian walker
Function Waste Disposal
Motto "Are you going to eat that?"

Animated Spittor is a character who first appeared in season 3 of the Transformers Animated series.[3] He transforms into a Cybertronian walker, that uses tongue-like cables to ensnare and "swallow" objects. The objects are either digested, or coated in an explosive goo and regurgitated as a weapon.

Animated series

He first appeared in the season three episode "Transwarped" as a member of Strika's Team Chaar. He eats and then throws up Red Alert onto Ironhide and Brawn, and is briefly stymied when Rodimus uses his energon arrows to pin his tongue cables to the ground. When Spittor and his teammates get away, it is shown that, in his walker mode, he hops to get around.

Fun Publications

Spittor's biography was printed in issue #24 of the Transformers Collectors Club magazine. He is depicted as a disgusting slob that even his fellow Decepticons cannot stand to be around.

Shattered Glass Transformers Animated

This version of Spittor is a heroic counterpart of Animated Spittor.


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