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Not to be confused with Onyx Primal.

Onyx Prime is a member of the Thirteen Primes in various branches of the Transformers franchise.


Aligned Continuity


Introduced in Transformers: The Covenant of Primus, Onyx was the first Transformer with a beast-themed alternate mode, and possessed an artifact known as the Triptych Mask that granted him a number of abilities. He ans his brethren fought against Unicron as they were intended to by their creator Primus, with the warrior Onyx enjoying strong friendships with Solus Prime, Micronus Prime, and Megatronus. Sadly, the War of the Primes saw Onyx be fatally wounded, and he was thus carried into the depths of Cybertron by Optimus Prime with Micronus Prime as his companion so that Primus' Spark could sustain him. He proceeded to use his mask to create the various breeds of Transformers, though after the Great Cataclysm he ceased to produce any more of his bestial descendants.

Generation 1

IDW Publishing

In The Transformers from IDW Publishing, Onyx is once again a member of the Thirteen, but leads a bestial horde of Transformers. Like his brethren he was eventually defeated and driven from the planet by Nova Prime, but later returned to interfere with affairs on Earth.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" also featured Onyx as a member of the multiversal Thirteen, noting that one of his many guises inspired the Greek goddess Artemis; Onyx's "twin" who inspired Apollo was Autonomous Maximus. [1]