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The name Spark refers to several elements of the Transformers franchise. Most commonly, it is used as the name for the Transformers equivalent of the spirit or soul of a Transformer. However, it has also been used as a name for several characters.


Generation 1

Animated series

The Spark was not mentioned in The Transformers cartoon, the closest equivalent being referred to as a laser core or personality component. In Beast Wars the Spark made its first full appearance, appearing as energy orbs of various colors-though usually a light blue-contained within the bodies of Cybertronians. So long as the Spark remained intact, a Transformer could suffer any amount of physical damage and be repaired; were the Spark to be extinguished, it would mean the end of the Transformer's life. Among possible causes of Spark loss were overexposure to raw Energon radiation or expending too much energy; Airazor almost perished as a protoform due to the former while the latter brought about the death of Dinobot. As the Spark represents the true being of a Transformer, it was possible to revive a Transformer by placing their Spark in a new body, as was done to create Transmetal Optimus Primal.

During Beast Machines, one of Megatron's most nefarious inventions was the Spark Extractor, a device capable of removing the Spark from its host body while keeping it alive. Previously Sparks were not capable of surviving outside of a living form except under special circumstances; this necessitated Optimus Primal taking the Spark of Optimus Prime into his own body when Prime was fatally injured by Megatron. Such cases of multiple Sparks inhabiting the same body were shown to have mutagenic effects on Maximals and Predacons, as demonstrated by Primal and Transmetal 2 Megatron. Megatron would use the Spark Extractor to harvest the Sparks of various Cybertronians, which he kept imprisoned in his various lairs on Cybertron. Eventually he gained the ability to absorb other Sparks to increase his own power, which he used in an effort to dominate Cybertron once and for all; however, he was defeated and the Sparks freed thanks to Optimus Primal's efforts.

Marvel Comics

BotCon/Fun Publications

IDW Publishing

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

In Robots in Disguise, the Spark was again featured as the Transformers life force. Most notably, Megatron was able to utilize his Spark energy to transform several Autobot protoforms into his Decepticons, and later infused them with additional energy to render them subservient to him.

Unicron Trilogy

Animated series

In Transformers: Energon, Sparks were once again shown to be the only essential piece to a Tranformer's continued existence, with both Demolishor and Inferno being restored in new bodies due to their Sparks being recovered after their bodies were destroyed. Megatron was also shown to understand that humans possessed a life force like a Spark, but was ignorant until told by Demolisher that the human "Spark" could not be placed in a new physical form if their bodies were destroyed.




Aligned Continuity


Generation 1

The original character named Spark was a Micromaster and one of the components of Sixliner.


  • Spark (1991)
This figure was remolded into the several versions of Desire as well as Transformers: Universe Railspike.
  • Reissue Spark (2002)

A recolor of the original Spark figure.

Generation 2

The name Spark was also used for the character of Pyro for his release as a BotCon figure, with his full name being Sir Pyro Ignatius Spark.

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