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Solus Prime is a member of the Thirteen Primes in the Transformers franchise, and-in the history of the universe-the first female Transformer on Cybertron.


Generation 1

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Solus was created alongside the other Thirteen as a multiversal singularity: a single being existing with multiple manifestations across various realities. She crafted many of the weapons and tools of the Thirteen, including the Terminus Blade and the Star Saber; the latter she would later break into five pieces that were scattered across reality to keep them out of the wrong hands. Nexus Prime later recovered both weapons in a bid to save the multiverse from further damage, and Solus and the other Thirteen appeared as he did so-some of them seeking to help him, others to stop him. Nexus succeeded, creating strengthened barriers between realities and splitting Solus and other multiversal singularities into individual beings in various dimensions.

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Aligned Continuity

Animated series

In Robots in Disguise, Solus is revealed to have been killed by Megatronus prior to being exiled by the other Primes to another dimension. Her name is also an exclamation of shock used by Strongarm and Fixit.


Solus is featured in Transformers: The Covenant of Primus, Transformers: Exodus, and Transformers: Exiles, which detail her history as being created alongside the fellow Thirteen. In The Covenant, Alpha Trion notes that Solus' status as a female, like that of other female Transformers, is not in the same sense as gender in humans. Solus was one of the free agents, Primes who balanced warrior skill with strategist cunning, and once again craft many of the weapons used by herself and the other members of the Thirteen, often with assistance from Micronus Prime. She also shared a romantic connection with Megatronus, though Nexus Prime also held a special place in her Spark that prompted jealousy in her love and in Liege Maximo; she and Micronus were also friends with Onyx Prime.

Solus reluctantly crafted the Requiem Blaster, not feeling that the Thirteen needed such a weapon and fearing the consequences of their possession of it. Despite her fears, when it was put to a vote whether it should be destroyed, the slim majority of the Thirteen voted to retain it for the battle with Unicron. Following the defeat of the Chaos Bringer, Solus later created a set of armor at the Liege Maximo's request, but later changed her mind about delivering it. When Megatronus came to retrieve it and she refused to give it up, Megatronus murdered her, with her body burning a channel into Cybertron that would become the Well of AllSparks. Her death was the catalyst that signaled the breaking of the Thirteen, though her brethren later crafted a tomb for her among the stars.

In Exiles, Optimus found Solus' tomb and encountered a hologram containing a portion of her essence that warned him of the threat of the Requiem Blaster's recovery.


  • Hasbro Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Prime Master Solus Prime with Octopunch (2018)
A new mold.