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The term Stunticon refers to a Decepticon subgroup made up of cars and other ground-based vehicles. Typically composed of five or more members, they usually have the ability to combine into Menasor.


Generation 1

Animated series

Megatron created the Stunticons after the Decepticons' vaunted air superiority was defeated time and again by the Autobots land-based vehicle modes. Seeking a means of countering their advantage, he stole a number of stunt vehicles and modified them with Cybertronian technology, making them more durable, faster, and with the ability to transform. Lacking only Sparks to make them true Decepticons, the Stunticons were taken to Cybertron by Megatron, who attacked Alpha Trion in order to obtain the Key to Vector Sigma. Using the ancient computer, Megatron gave life to his new minions, and then took them to Earth to attack the Autobots. However, Optimus Prime soon emulated Megatron's strategy, creating Autobots with plane modes: the Aerialbots.

The two teams soon faced off, and this time the aerial advantage went to the Autobots; undeterred, Megatron ordered the Stunticons to combine into Menasor. The Aerialbots countered by forming Superion, but the battle between Combiners went in Megatron's favor until Omega Supreme arrived to back up Superion, forcing the Decepticons to retreat. The Stunticons would continue to fight at Megatron's command, often engaging their new Aerialbot rivals. There were a number of exceptions, such as when several Autobots impersonated the Stunticons only to be forced to fight the originals, and then when the Stunticons had to save Megatron from Starscream and his Combaticons united into the form of Bruticus. They would also fight under the command of Galvatron.


These Stunticons were created as part of a Decepticon plot to create warriors who could pass for Autobots. Their first mission was to free Megatron from Trypticon Prison, but they were discovered and captured.


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