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For information on the combined forms of this group, see Tripredacus and Predacus.

The Tripredacus Council is the ruling body of the Predacon Alliance in Beast Wars, a spinoff series of The Transformers. It's membership consists of Ramhorn, Cicadacon, and Sea Clamp, with Ravage and Tarantulas serving as high-ranking operatives.


Generation 1

Animated series

The Tripredacus Council first appeared in "The Agenda," when their space station Predacon Command Outpost One was hit by the transwarp wave of the quantum surge traveling into the future from prehistoric Earth. After identifying the energy signature as matching the Darkside, the ship stolen by Megatron, the council took steps to eliminate the old thorn in their sides and to insure that the Maximal Elders did not learn of the event. To the latter end they blocked the wave by triggering an "accidental" explosion, while to the former they dispatched a Covert Agent, Ravage. Ravage was aided by Tarantulas, who was revealed to be a member of the Predacon Secret Police; however, the two later betrayed the Council's intent by siding with Megatron.

BotCon/Fun Publications

The tech spec for the BotCon release of Generation 1 Razorclaw indicated that he was thought to have been eliminated by the Tripredacus Council, only to have somehow survived and returned later. Though not featured directly in the Transformers: Timelines story Machine Wars: Termination, the Tripredacus Council were alluded to when the Predacons found a set of four mysterious stasis pods among Jhiaxus' leavings. Tarantulas emerged from one while the rest were not opened in story, but Tarantulas' tech spec indicated that all four joined the Predacons rapidly.

IDW Publishing

The Tripredacus Council appeared in Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus, in which they determined to end the Great War after Galvatron's death. Hinted to be recreations of Shockwave, Soundwave, and a third unknown Decepticon, the group experimented with both transwarp and transmatter technology with a goal of reformatting all Cybertronians into protoforms. However, their plans were disrupted by Megatron's refusal to have his attack unit stand down, as well as by the Axalon discovering their base inside Unicron's head. They launched their transmatter wave, which the Axalon disrupted, preventing it from affecting the entire planet, and then combined with Tarantulas and Ravage to eliminate the rebellious Predaking. With the battle ended, they signed a peace treaty with the Primal Council, all the while laying the foundations for their own eventual conquest of Cybertron.

The Tripredacus Council also appeared in Beast Wars: The Gathering where, after Ravage failed in his mission to eliminate Megatron, they dispatched Magmatron and a crew of Predacons to bring Megatron in. Unbeknownst to them, however, Magmatron shared Megatron's contempt for their strategy of waiting for a more opportune moment, and through contact with Ravage acquired information that would enable him to create his own army from the Maximal protoforms scattered across the planet. However, Magmatron was unaware of the Maximal operative Razorbeast in the midst of his crew, who sabotaged the activation signal so that many of the protoforms awakened as the Maximals they were intended to be. Magmatron was soon occupied attempting to eliminate the new Maximal force, but fearing the Tripredacus Council learning of his plans before he was ready attempted to capture Megatron and send him back to them, but was thwarted by the Maximals.

Robots in Disguise

In the Robots in Disguise continuity, the Predacon Council were described as having given Megatron his mission to Earth. "Ask Vector Prime", during Sky-Byte's time as a guest host, indicated that they were a shadowy trio and that Megatron might actually have been equal with them. [1]

Unicron Trilogy

Transformers: Fire in the Dark revealed that the Unicron Trilogy continuity had it's own Beast Wars, with "Ask Vector Prime" revealing that a Tripredacus Council existed and dispatched Predacon Secret Police operative Sky Shadow to hunt down Megatron. [2]