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Sea Clamp
Transformers character
Beast Wars Transformers Tripredacus box
First appearance

Beast Wars episode "The Agenda (Part 1)"
Created by

Voiced by

Ian James Corlett
Aliases General Sea Clamp
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Giant lobster, jet

"Life is much, much more!"

Cicadacon, Ramhorn, Ravage and Tarantulas

Beast Wars Transformers
Transformers: Generations

Combiners, Voyagers
Tech specs

ST08 IN08 SP05 EN09

RN10 CO08 FB07 SK06

Sea Clamp is a fictional character from the Transformers series introduced in 1997. He is an evil Predacon general.

Beast Wars Transformers

Sea Clamp is a combiner who helps form Predacus and Tripredacus.

He may or may not be Soundwave.


One early concept for BotCon Sea Clamp was based on the Onslaught mold instead of Scattershot.[1]

Fictional biography

Sea Clamp was the end result of Cicadacon's early experiments. Following Cicadacon's rediscovery of his own first generation origins he set to work studying his "fellow" Decepticons and found other dormant Cybertronians ready to be awoken. About the only traits Sea Clamp retained from those days are a sense of fierce loyalty (except now to the Cybertronain cause) and a distinct lack of expression. Only Ramhorn is able to get a reaction from him and it is usually violent. He maintains a fondness for the past and many of his former Decepticon comrades and has encouraged many, including Ravage, to follow the will of the Council rather than the Decepticon cause. Sea Clamp thrives working in secret, on clandestine missions and with hidden agendas, which is why his place operating within a secret council under the noses of the Decepticons and living a dual existence suits him perfectly.

Animated series

Beast Wars

Sea Clamp and his compatriots appeared in "The Agenda," where they learned of Megatron's continued machinations and dispatched Ravage to eliminate him.


IDW Publishing

Predacus in Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus

Sea Clamp appeared the IDW Publishing BotCon 2016 story Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus. In this story Predacus is formed and attacks Predaking, killing him with his own sword in an attempt to make it look like he killed himself. This is later used to help bring about the Decepticon surrender.


  • Kenner Beast Wars Transformers Tripredacus (1997)
A 3-pack of new molds.
He was recolored into Tripledacus.
  • Hasbro Generations Combiner Wars Dawn of the Predacus (2016)
A BotCon 2016 exclusive 5-pack.
Cicada con is a recolor of Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Skydive. Turns from robot to jet.
General Ramhorn is a remold of Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Brawl. Turns from robot to drill tank.
Ravage is a remold of Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Breakdown. Turns from car to robot.
General Sea Clamp is a remold of Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Silverbolt. Turns from jet to robot.
Tarantulas is a remold of Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Rook. Turns from armored vehicle to robot.


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