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Transformers character
Lazorbeak carded
Name Lazorbeak
Series Beast Wars
Alternate modes Pterodactyl
Function Aerial Attacks
Rank 5
Sub-group Basic Beasts

Lazorbeak is a fictional character in the Transformers series.

Beast Wars

With Hasbro not having the license to the name "Laserbeak" at the time, the red and purple recolor of the Predacon Terrorsaur was known as Lazorbeak. Unlike Terrorsaur however, Lazorbeak did not feature in the animated series. Although his biography mentions that he has the same motto as the original Laserbeak, this was done as a homage to the original.

He is described as a high flying sky pirate with a thirst for battle. Tends to use up his power quickly.[1]

Animated series

Laserbeak's stasis pod was presumably among those who were launched into orbit around prehistoric Earth in the Beast Wars series pilot.

IDW Publishing

Lazorbeak finally appeared in the IDW Beast Wars: The Gathering comic series as a Maximal protoform who was turned into a Predacon by Magmatron's shell program. He was one of five aerial Predacons assigned by Ravage to find the Maximal lair. When they found it, Lazorbeak was one of those who attacked—only to be blasted when Maximal reinforcements under Torca arrived. He appears among the Predacons on the cover of the first issue of the sequel story Beast Wars: The Ascending.

Lazorbeak had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[2]


  • Kenner Beast Wars Transformers Lazorbeak (1997)
Lazorbeak is a redeco of Terrorsaur. He is a flip changer with a hidden gun weapon.[3] The toy was later released in Japan with a slightly different color scheme but now called Hydra. It was again redecoed into BotCon Fractyl and as Dinobots Swoop.
Oddly enough, in the second year of the toy line, Terrorsaur was recast as a transmetal in the toy line (not in the television series), but while Lazorbeak was not made into a transmetal toy, the transmetal Terrorsaur toy was closer in colors to Lazorbeak, being mostly purple. Some fans go so far as to consider it a transmetal version of that character, despite the name "Terrorsaur" printed on the model.
This toy was repurposed into Shattered Glass Terrorsaur.


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