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Primon, also known as Alpha Prime, is a Prime from the Transformers franchise.



In Transformers: Generation One from Dreamwave Productions, Alpha Prime was noted as one of previous Primes.


Primon was mentioned in the Transformers: Reaching the Omega Point storyline as the first holder of the Matrix of Leadership, a distinction previously thought to be held by Prima. The Matrix was apparently taken from him after he was murdered by Liege Maximo, whose actions resulted in all record of Primon's possession of the Matrix being erased.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" revealed additional information about Primon, indicating that he existed before Cybertron was created. [1] His creation was immediately before or after that of the Covenant of Primus, with "the twelve-and-the-one" as they were called later inspiring Primus in the creation of the Thirteen Primes. Vector Prime also suggested that Primon and the Covenant might be versions of the Thirteen, or else part of a fiction created by Maximo for his own sinister purposes. [2]