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Megaempress is a female Decepticon who forms the core of Megatronia.


Unite Warriors

According to Megaempress' tech spec, she was created from components left over after the creation of Megatron, and quickly proved to be his equal and the unrivaled ruler of the female Decepticons. She wields a Rail Fusion Cannon with power comparable to Megatron's own signature weapon, and a powerful melee weapon that she uses for smashing enemies and obstacles. She considered herself to be Megatron's wife and, thus, Empress of the Decepticons, and assembled an elite cadre of bodyguards, whom she either created or recruited to her side. So great was her influence that she drew the fear of Shockwave, who had her deactivated and sealed away in Cybertron's depth. However, she was eventually awakened by Trickdiamond, who also granted her and her guards-Trickdiamond, Lunaclub, Moonheart, and Flowspade-the power of combination.


  • Unite Warriors Megatronia (2017)
Megatronia is a repaint of Combiner Wars Victorion, minus Rust Dust, and features all new characters. Megaempress is a repaint/remold of Pyra Magna/Hot Spot in the color scheme of Megatron. [1]