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Transformers: Victory is a Japanese exclusive Transformers series and spinoff of the original The Transformers cartoon.


Victory centers on the conflict between the Autobots under Star Saber and the Decepticons under Deathsaurus.

Animated series

As depicted in the series, Deathsaurus attempted to conquer the universe using a gigantic space fortress, only to be thwarted when Star Saber led an attack that resulted in the fortress becoming trapped in the Dark Nebula. Years later, following the events of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce, Star Saber has been appointed Supreme Commander of the Autobot forces, and takes command of Sector One-a region of space patrolled by their interstellar alliance that contains Earth-which had previously been overseen by Ginrai. This comes as Deathsaurus makes his resurgence and sets his sights on Earth, aided by his Dinoforce and fellow Breast Force Decepticons. As such, Star Saber relocates his entire crew-including the Multiforce, Brainmasters, Rescue Patrol, Galaxy Shuttle, and his adopted human son Jan Minakaze-to Earth to deal with the threat posed by the Decepticons. As the series goes on, it becomes known that the Decepticons are attempting to reactivate and rescue their fortress, and the two factions are each revealed to command Combiner warriors: the Autobots Landcross and Road Caesar and the Decepticons Dinoking and Liokaiser.


The manga has some similarities to the anime, but also differs drastically in a number of respects; most of the Transformers featured in the anime appear from the beginning of the series, with no nod being given to their progressive introduction seen in the anime. The manga also features the returning Masterforce characters Cab and Shuta Go, who befriend Jan, and introduces two new human characters: Jan's older sister Patty Minakaze and his rival Solon Kitakaze, who is the adopted son of Deathsaurus. The plot line of the Decepticons attempting to retrieve the fortress from the Dark Nebula is dropped, but the craft receives an increased significance: it is the home of a number of Decepticon civilians.