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Prima is a Transformers character created by Simon Furman, often depicted as the first Transformer to be born on Cybertron and as one of the Thirteen Primes created by Primus.


Generations 1

Marvel Comics

Botcon/Fun Publications

Transformers: Reaching the Omega Point had a slightly different take on Prima, in that he was proceeded as bearer of the Matrix of Leadership by Primon, and succeeded by Prime Nova. [1]

IDW Publishing

Aligned Continuity

Animated series

Curiously, in Robots in Disguise Prima is either absent or silent, as of the members of the Thirteen featured-with the exception of Optimus Prime-only Micronus Prime and Vector Prime have any dialogue, and Vector seems to act as leader/spokesman for the group.


Prima and his fellow Primes are featured heavily in the first section of Transformers: The Covenant of Primus, which describes their creation, preparation, and eventual battle with Unicron, followed by their falling out and division in the War of the Primes. Prima, the first of the Thirteen to be created, is described as a highly moral individual meant to be the closest of the Thirteen in nature to Primus. However, Prima proves highly suspicious of his fellow Primes, going so far as to create a physical list of those he felt were closest in nature to Unicron. This, along with other sources of division, eventually broke the group apart, and following Solus Prime's death many of the Primes departed Cybertron or became one with Primus. Prima remained behind with at least Alpha Trion and Alchemist Prime, along with Optimus who was reborn as Orion Pax.

Prima later faced off with Predaking and defeated him, exacting a promise that he and his bestial brethren would not harm humanoid Transformers. Some time later, the Great Cataclysm rocked Cybertron, utterly changing its landscape and wiping out many of its ancient inhabitants; after this, Prima disappeared. His weapon, the Star Saber, was thought to have been divided up and hidden by Nexus Prime, but was actually kept on Cybertron until it was sent off-planet by Alpha Trion. The jewel in the weapon's hilt became known as the Matrix of Leadership, and was eventually passed down to Orion Pax, leading to his rebirth as Optimus Prime.



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