Echoes and Fragments

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Echoes and Fragments  
Echoes and Fragments cover
Author(s) Jim Sorenson
Illustrator Christopher Colgin
Country USA
Language English
Series Ask Vector Prime
Subject(s) GoBots, Transformers
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Fun Publications
Publication date February 10th, 2016
Media type Facebook

Echoes and Fragments is a 2016 science fiction story in the GoBots and Transformers series written by Jim Sorenson and illustrated by Christopher Colgin. [1]


Part 1 - The Gathering Storm

On the eve of a momentous confrontation between the Autobots and Decepticons, Sideways encounters Gong in Maccadam's Old Oil House. The two strike up a plot to merge the reality they are currently inhabiting with a Gargent stream, to see how mixing GoBots into the equation changes things, prompting the bartender to get in touch with his brother, Vec-Tor, to ensure the safety of reality. Their machinations cause the Battle of Autobot City to be fought between Autobots and Renegades, with Sideways later changing it to a battle between Guardians and Decepticons. Despite some minor changes, events unfold as expected, with Leader-1 and Megatron gravely wounding each other and the Decepticons in retreat.

Part 2 - To the Death—and Beyond!

Further machinations from Sideways destabilize reality even more, resulting in hybrid crews of Autobots/Guardians and Decepticons/Renegades participating in the aftermath of the battle. Megatron, Crasher, and Spoons are jettisoned from Astrotrain and encounter Unicron. They are subsequently upgraded into Galvatron, Fracture, and Deadlift. They first interrupt Zero's coronation and later attack Major Mo's forces on Earth. Kup and Hot Rod crash on Antares III, and Major Mo and his crew limp to the planet of rock to repair their damaged ship. On GoBotron, Sideways is captured.

Part 3 - Terror on Two Worlds!

Vector Prime learns the source dimension interfering with his own and sets off for it. Hot Rod and Kup encounter the Master Renegade and his Monster GoBots on Antares III, while the Dinobots meet the RoGuns. Hot Rod and Kup learn about Unicron from Crank, the last survivor of Planet Zi. Galvatron tracks Major Mo and his crew to Quartex, retrieving the Guardian Matrix of Leadership and leaving the Autobots and Guardians stranded without a ship, surrounded by hostile Rock Lords.

Part 4 - Matrix Quest!

Sideways escapes his captors and makes his way back to Gong on Cybertron, where they ambush Vector Prime. With the help of the RoGuns and Dinobots, Hot Rod and Kup defeat the Master Renegade and depart Antares III. The Rock Lord attack on the wounded Autobots and Guardians is thwarted by the timely arrival of Hot Rod, Kup, and friendly Rock Lords. The combined forces set forth for Cybertron, only to encounter an enraged Unicron intent on dismembering their entire world. Hot Rod confronts Galvatron, but is unable to open the Guardian Matrix until Vector Prime can drive off Sideways and restore the universe to its natural state. Unicron is defeated, Vector Prime is relieved... and Sideways ends up being menaced by an enraged Gong, unhappy at being used as Sideways' pawn.


Autobots Decepticons Guardians Renegades Humans Boulder's tribe Magmar's tribe RoGuns Others
Sideways Unicron Van Guard Gong Spike Witwicky Terra-Roc Tombstone Shotgun Alchemist Prime
Optimus Prime Laserbeak Defendor Cy-Kill Nick Burns Spike Stone Narligator Squirt Wrecks
Ironhide Dirge Tork Fitor Daniel Witwicky Fossilsaurus Rock Shot Pistol Cut-Up
Jazz Devastator Tri-Trak Snoop Matt Hunter Boulder Slimestone Rifle Crank
Bumblebee Astrotrain Throttle Zero Anya Turgenova Blast Rock Drones Magmar Scope Vec-Tor/Vector Prime
Brawn Starscream Bent Wing Cop-Tur A.J. Foster Stun Stone Drones Dragon Stone Drones
Prowl Soundwave Super Couper Sky-Jack Granite Narlibats
Ratchet Thundercracker Rumble Twin Spin Nuggit Stone Hook
Hot Rod Skywarp Tail Pipe Gunnyr Marbles Spearhead
Kup Ramjet Raizor Blades Pulver-Eyes Stoneheart
Perceptor Thrust Dive-Dive Slicks Crack Pot Brimstone
Ultra Magnus Megatron Apollo Psycho Rock Roller Saberstone
Springer Shrapnel Ace Crasher Rib Cage
Blurr Blitzwing Royal-T Destroyer Jaw Bone
Blaster Kickback Spy-Eye Fly Trap Hip Bone
Eject Fracture Hi-Way Stallion Tail Bone
Rewind Deadlift Street Heat Screw Head Solitaire
Ramhorn Sweeps Man-O-War Crain Brain Flamestone
Steeljaw Spay-C Spoons Sunstone
Cliffjumper Good Knight Spoiler Narlihog
Bumblebee Wrong Way Decker Decker
Swoop Beamer Tank
Grimlock Sky Fly Loco
Slag Guide Star Stretch
Sludge Pumper Vain Train
Junkions Hans-Cuff Geeper-Creeper
Rodimus Prime Dart Crossword
Dumper Dr. Go
Leader-1 Re-Volt
Jack Attack Chaos
Bolt Traitor
Scratch Tic Tac
Dozer Puzzler members
Staks Puzzler
Courageous Clutch
Major Mo Warpath
Zeemon Odd Ball
Turbo Monsterous
Night Ranger Fright Face
Blaster Other Monsterous members
Scooter Scorp
Motosan Bladez
Bullseye Hornet
Bullet Bugsie
Mach-3 Master Renegade
Ridge Runner Klaws
Twister Dactyls/Gnaw
Heat Seeker Pincher
Pow Wow


  • Although not named in the story, Macadams (a.k.a. Alchemist Prime), is clearly the bartender. The other survivor from the Planet Zi is the Starrior Cut-Up. The Guardian Boomer is Rumble. The leader of the Monsterous combiner is Fright Face.
  • Gong identifies Sideways as originating from Level 44, the Viron universal cluster, which make him Sideways from the 2001 Robots in Disguise series.
  • Gargent 186.0 Gamma is universal stream of the GoBots magazine comic.
  • When Unicron upgrades Megatron he becomes Galvatron, just as in The Transformers: The Movie. Unique to this story Spoons becomes Deadlift (based on the Revenge of the Fallen toy), while Crain Brain (a recolored Combiner Wars Hook) and Screw Head (a recolored Unite Warriors Nosecone) become the Sweeps (based on Revenge of the Fallen Dirt Boss). Crasher (a recolor of Robots in Disguise Daytonus) becomes Fracture (based on the 2007 Transformers film toy), while Slicks (a recolor of Generation 2 Double Clutch) becomes her armada (based on Robots in Disguise Classic Mirage colored like the white version of the Crasher toy).
  • Having Staks piloting a Power Suit is probably a nod to the time he did it in the Challenge of the GoBots episode "Auto-Madic", despite the Staks toy being a Super GoBot which would never fit inside a Power Suit.
  • Kup mentions the planet Zeeros, a planet first seen in the Challenge of the GoBots episode "Et Tu, Cy-Kill?".


  • Crank is described as having purple limbs, not brown.
  • In the initial Facebook posting Gong is described as being yellow/black, but no Gong toy was released in those colors. This was edited to say white/blue, which is accurate to one release of his toy.
  • In the initial Facebook post of the story had Swindle at the battle of Guardian City in the place of Shrapnel. This was later corrected.
  • In the initial Facebook post of the story Tic Tac attacked Blaster in the Autobot communications tower. This was later edited to say Crossword.
  • In the initial Facebook post of the story Hot Rod turned into a pickup truck instead of a car. This was later corrected.
  • In the initial Facebook post Leader-1 expresses his intent to "take care of Cy-Kill" when it was Megatron that he subsequently confronted.


  1. Jim Sorenson (w). "Echoes and Fragments" Ask Vector Prime (February 10th, 2016), Fun Publications

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