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Junkions are the natives of the planet Junkion in the Transformers franchise. They are typically affiliated with the Autobots.


Generation 1

Animated series

The Junkions were introduced in The Transformers animated series, more specifically in The Transformers: The Movie. When a crew of Autobots arrived on their planet, they prepared to attack but held off when the Decepticons arrived to steal the Matrix of Leadership. Afterwards they attacked the undamaged Autobots, but later befriended them after Hot Rod arrived with another force of Autobots and greeted them. The Junkions subsequently allied with the Autobots against Unicron, and would later work with them against such threats as the Decepticons and Quintessons, most often through the person of their leader Wreck-Gar.

Junkions often attack in teams: one in motorcycle form, the other riding. If shot or knocked down, they simply repair themselves and exchange positions. Their aptitude at repair work extends to other Cybertronians as well, as they were able to restore Ultra Magnus to full functionality within minutes despite him being blown to pieces by the Decepticons. The language of the Junkions can be very hard to follow, as they have apparently taught themselves English from television broadcasts received on Junk. Their curious evolution has also had the apparent effect of altering their core programming, as even a Quintesson scientist was surprised by Wreck-Gar's reaction to being confined.


The only Junkion featured in Transformers: Animated is Wreck-Gar, who here is a creation of the AllSpark not known to be affiliated with a group of similar Transformers.

Shattered Glass

The Shattered Glass Junkions featured in Transformers: Timelines have no known connection to the planet of the same name, and were created as the result of an Autobot experiment. Wreck-Gar, the original, was intended to have the ability to create obedient drones using discarded scrap, but proved to be a menace when he began applying his abilities to living Transformers. He was eventually confined and imprisoned on Paradron, but escaped after allying with Ultra Magnus and created a new force of drones from the unfortunate staff of the prison facility.

Aligned Continuity


In Transformers: Exiles, the Junkions are once again featured as inhabitants of Junkion, a planet made up of the refuse left behind by space-faring Cybertronians and others over an untold period of time. The Junkions learned to use and reuse anything that they came across, and were usually quite welcoming to newcomers so long as they didn't look to cause trouble.

List of Junkions