Ultra Magnus (Shattered Glass)

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Transformers character
Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus toy
Name Ultra Magnus
Series Transformers: Universe
Transformers: Timelines
First appearance Invasion Prologue by Fun Publications
Alternate modes Semi-truck
Function Usurper Warlord
Gender Male
Motto "Everything turns to tedium eventually. Everything save power."
Partner Over-Run, Tracks
Rank 9
Sub-group Conventions exclusives, Deluxe vehicles
For other versions, see Ultra Magnus.

This version of Ultra Magnus is the evil mirror universe version of the character.

Shattered Glass


One toy concept for a BotCon 2011 was Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus made from Cybertron Mudflap with a new head.[1]

Fictional biography

Ultra Magnus shouldn't be happy. He lost his face and freedom due to a failed attempt to replace his brother Optimus Prime as leader of the Autobots. His co-conspirators in the coup betrayed him. His old rival, Treadshot, seeks his death with ceaseless vigor. Magnus shouldn't be happy... and yet he is. Things are finally going to be exciting again. After centuries of quietly manipulating events from his exile on Paradron, everything is falling into place. Now he has everything he needs: an army, the legendary Terminus Blade, a copy of his brother's newly augmented body and the means to make everyone pay.

An unrepentant hedonist and libertine, Magnus eternally seeks greater thrills and excesses from life. Now jaded and bored, he finds his distractions where he can, whether it be in Treadshot's assassination attempts, in the humiliation of his brother, or in simple universal conquest.


Fun Publications

Although he did not appear appear until 2012, Ultra Magnus was mentioned numerous times in related fiction, establishing his character. He is the brother of Optimus Prime who attempted a failed takeover of the Autobots and was banished to Paradron.

Ultra Magnus appears in Invasion Prologue by Fun Publications.[2]

Ultra Magnus appears in the 2012 BotCon Invasion lithograph by Casey Coller and Josh Perez. In this story he escapes Paradron with the aid of Wheeljack, taking Tracks and Wreck-Gar with him. They invade the Ironworks base on Classicverse Earth and end up destroying that universe with the Terminus Blade. The planet Earth is transported to the Shattered Glass universe.[3]

Ultra Magnus later engaged his Classics counterpart, Ultra Mammoth, in battle, and was affected by exposure to the Origin Matrix. Nexus Prime then arrived and used the Star Saber to remove Magnus' arm and reclaim the Terminus Blade, which he used to send Ultra Magnus to an unknown location before departing himself.


Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus appeared in the 2016 mobile game Transformers: Earth Wars.

Both Generation 1 and Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus had cards in the Magic: The Gathering Brothers' War card game in 2022.


  • Universe Deluxe Ultra Magnus and Over-Run vs. Treadshot and Nightbeat (2004)
A "Battle in a Box" set.
  • Timelines Deluxe Ultra Magnus (2012)
A remold of Reveal the Shield Deluxe Optimus Prime. Ultra Magnus was part of the 2012 BotCon box set packaged together with Gigatron, Tracks, Soundwave and Treadshot.
  • Hasbro Transformers Shattered Glass Leader Ultra Magnus (2022)