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Wreck-Gar is the name of several an Autobots featured in the Transformers series.

Generation 1

Animated series

Wreck-Gar was the leader of the Junkions, a tribe of Autobots who took up residence on the Planet of Junk and other garbage-covered worlds as a result of the Great War. At some point in time, the Junkions began receiving television transmissions from Earth, and began speaking in such a way as to incorporate dialogue from these broadcasts. The Junkions also became very resourceful in terms of technology and virtually indestructible, capable of repairing themselves and other Transformers even in the face of extensive damage. Wreck-Gar also possessed a knowledge of Unicron, unlike the Autobots who had inhabited Earth and Cybertron.

The Junkions first appeared in The Transformers: The Movie, where Ultra Magnus and his crew crash-landed on their planet, only to be attacked by the Decepticons before Wreck-Gar could order his own forces into action. The Junkions attacked following the Decepticons' departure, with Wreck-Gar engaging in a duel with Springer before being knocked out by Daniel Witwicky in his exo-suit. Hot Rod, Kup, Wheelie, and the Dinobots then arrived in a Quintesson ship, and Hot Rod befriended Wreck-Gar through use of the universal greeting. The Junkions then repaired a badly damaged Ultra Magnus and joined the Autobots in traveling to Cybertron to battle Unicron, and soon celebrated Cybertron's liberation.

Wreck-Gar would continue to appear in episode of season three of The Transformers, first during "The Five Faces of Darkness" where he saved Rodimus Prime's team from Planet Goo, helping to repair his former opponent Springer. He would later be one of four beings-the others being Marissa Faireborn, Cyclonus, and Ultra Magnus-to be abducted by a Quintesson scientist as part of the sinister alien's experimentation in "The Killing Jar." After being tricked into boarding the Quintesson's vessel, Wreck-Gar was expected by his captor to become withdrawn due to ending up in a clean environment as opposed to his native junk surroundings. However, despite the scientist's knowledge of Cybertronian programming, Wreck-Gar behaved quite differently, tearing up the walls of his cell in order to make it more like his home. He and his fellow captives later cooperated to escape their cells, with Wreck-Gar engaging an Allicon guard before a temporary alliance was formed between them and their captor to return from a negative universe they passed into after being drawn into a black hole.

In "Forever is a Long Time in Coming," Wreck-Gar was part of a team of Autobots-also including Blurr, Blaster, and Ramhorn-sent by Rodimus Prime to accompany Perceptor to investigate chronal energy readings coming from an asteroid belt near Cybertron. The investigation turned up a Quintesson plot to rewrite history, which saw Wreck-Gar and his teammates being sent back in time eleven million years to the time of the Transformer uprising against the original Quintesson occupation of Cybertron. After allying with the rebels under Beta, they attempted to defeat the Dark Guardians but failed to overcome them even with their futuristic firepower. Fortunately, Alpha Trion-whom the Quintessons had abducted from the past-returned in time to turn the tide as recorded in history, while Wreck-Gar and his teammates returned home.

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  • Generations Combiner Wars Legends Wreck-Gar (2016)
A remold of Combiner Wars Groove; at one point was advertised as being able to form an accessory for Sky Reign, but for unknown reasons is not shown to have this feature in the toy line.

Transformers Animated

Animated series

In Transformers: Animated, Wreck-Gar (voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic) was introduced as a product of the shattered AllSpark, created from a substantial amount of garbage. Initially naive and easily influenced, he fell in with Angry Archer (who named him) and the Decepticon Lugnut before eventually choosing to become an Autobot through Ratchet's guidance. He succeeded in stopping a swarm of nanobots from consuming Detroit but fell into the local river and was thought to be lost. However, he later returned and joined Sari Sumdac's Backup Autobots, becoming involved in a mission to rescue Optimus Prime and his team from Soundwave.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass reality of Transformers: Timelines, Wreck-Gar was created as an Autobot experiment intended to give him the ability to create drone minions from lifeless machinery. However, Wreck-Gar proved to have the ability to transform living Cybertronians into his copies, and delighted in reformatting other Transformers. This eventually led to his imprisonment on Paradron, where he was eventually recruited by Ultra Magnus and enlisted in a plot to destroy Optimus Prime.


Aligned Continuity


Wreck-Gar appears briefly in Transformers: Exiles and Transformers: Retribution, once again as leader of the Junkions. Here he interacts with both Optimus Prime and Axer, and seems to take a neutral stance in the Autobot-Decepticon conflict. At the end of the first book he is abducted by the Star Seekers, who later employ him in a scheme to lure the Nemesis into their midst. Managing to escape, he rigs a Spacebridge to take him back to Junkion, while also assisting Axer in returning to the Decepticons.


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