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Starriors character
Tomy Crank toy on card
First appearance

Starriors volume 1 number 1, November 1984 by Marvel Comics
Created by

Release number

Species Starrior



Wastor speed drill

"The desert's full of monsters, but it's pretty, too!"
Alternate mode

Hi-Crusin Position, Lo-Crusin Position

Crank is a fictional character from the Starriors series in 1984. He is a heroic member of the Protectors and has a speed drill in his chest.


Crank is a Protector Wastor equipped with a speed drill in his chest. His right hand is a large claw and his left hand is a laser. He can be reassembled into Hi-Crusin Position and Lo-Crusin Position.

Protectors were programmed to rebuild civilization so that structures, facilities, and ecologies would be established and ready for use upon man's return. Wastors are a humanoid series of Starrior, roughly the same height as an adult human, though somewhat bulkier.

Fictional biography

Crank: Slow-witted gentle Wastor, with a rage as big as he is.


Peter Pan

Crank appeared in Starriors Tunnel of Doom Odyssey I published by Peter Pan.


1984 Marvel Comics

Limited series
Sawtooth refuses to go with Crank and Hotshot in Starriors volume 1 issue 2 by Marvel Comics

Crank was a major character in the Starriors limited series by Marvel Comics.

Crank first appeared in issue 1 of the Starriors limited series. After Nipper's memory was damaged she became obsessed with Crank, believing she loved him.

Crank was captured by the Destructors in issue 2, "Under Fire!", but was freed with the help of Sawtooth.

In Starriors issue 4, "Quest's End", after the Protectors awakened man Crank commemorated the event by planting a flower in the former forbidden desert.

Pack-in comics

In "The Trap!" Crank appeared with a damaged leg, which Hotshot repaired. He later informed Backfire, who was disguised as Scooter, of the Protector mission to find the Battlestation where man slept.

2016 Fun Publications

Crank was featured in the 2016 Ask Vector Prime story Echoes and Fragments, set during the events of The Transformers: The Movie. The manipulations of the evil Gong and Sideways resulted in various GoBots, Rock Lords and Starriors swapping places with characters during the events of that film. Crank took the place of Kranix in the story, being captured by the Master Renegade on the planet Antares III, telling Hot Rod and Kup about Unicron, being put on trial and executed.[1]


Crank appeared in a 1984 Starriors commercial. In the animated segment he battles Sawtooth. In the live action segment Crank and Cut-Up get Sawtooth to surrender.[2]


  • Tomy Starriors Wastors Crank (1984)
Crank is made up of 6 parts that assemble into different configurations. The arms and legs are attached to the body with 5mm pegs and holes, while the head is attached to the body with a 3mm peg and hole. He has a 5mm peg on the top of each shoulder. He has a 3mm peg on the side of each arm and foot.
This toy came with a one of the first four Starriors pack-in comics.
This toy was recolored, with a different drill, as Starriors Gouge, Robot Anti Transformation Squad Darksider G-2 and Robot Anti Terror Squad Squad Reinforcement Personnel 1.


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