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GoBots character
Shinkansen Robo toy in box
First appearance

Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric episode 24, "Brother's Keeper", October 19th, 2015
Created by

Fun Publications
Release number

Species GoBot
Relatives Vain Train (younger brother)


Guardian GoBots
Alternate mode

0 Series Shinkansen

Bullet is a fictional character from the GoBots series. He is a heroic Guardian GoBot who turns into a bullet train. Although released as a toy in 1982, Bullet did appear in fiction until 2015.


Bullet is represented by a Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos figure that was never adapted into the Challenge of the GoBots line but was later introduced in Renegade Rhetoric fiction.

Bullet has the same alternate mode as the Transformers Autobot character Shouki.


Like most GoBots, Bullet has numerous abilities because of robotic body. He can survive in space and is super-humanly strong and tough. He can fly in robot mode and project energy blasts from his hands. His body heals quickly when supplied with energy. He can turn into a train.


Fun Publications


In the story Cultural Appropriation by Fun Publications it was revealed that Apollo, Breez, Bullet, Decker Decker, Hi-Way, Jack-Attack, Loco, Pow Wow and Vain Train were sent to explore Level 29 when the Cataclysm threatened to destroy the GoBots home universe.


Bullet was featured in the 2016 Ask Vector Prime story Echoes and Fragments, set during the events of The Transformers: The Movie. The manipulations of the evil Gong and Sideways resulted in various GoBots, Rock Lords and Starriors swapping places with characters during the events of that film. Bullet and Mach-3 captured Sideways in an ancient tunnel on GoBotron after they were warned of his presence by Vec-Tor.[1]


Bullet appeared in the Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric episode 25 story "Brother's Keeper" by Fun Publications. He among the crew of a primitive Guardian ship which returned to GoBotic space after a long mission and was captured by the Renegades.[2]

Bullet appeared the episode 33 story "Once Braxis Twice Shy Part 1" as part of a Guardian GoBots force lead by Leader-1.

Bullet appeared the episode 51 story "Bears and Bulls" where was Astro-Beamed in with Dozer to take care of Crasher.


  • Bandai Machine Robo MR-12 Shinkansen Robo (1982)
A new mold by Bandai. Turns from robot to train.


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