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Rock Lords character
Pulver-Eyes toy, on card
First appearance

GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords, March 21, 1986
Created by

Voiced by

Frank Welker
Release number

Species Rock Lord
Occupation Heroic Rock Warrior


Boulder's tribe
Rock type

Dolomite - Light-colored mineral whose hardness befits the toughest of the good Rock Warriors.

Pulver-Eyes is a fictional character from the Rock Lords series introduced in 1986. He is a heroic Rock Lord in Boulder's tribe.

Rock Lords

Pulver-Eyes is a member of Boulder's tribe.

In the French Bleu, l'Enfant de la Terre series he is small and can fly.


The toy that would become Pulver-Eyes was initially colored differently and was to be called Rockmite.


Pulver-Eyes was named number 11 on the list of "20 GoBots That Remind Us Why the GoBots Sucked So Incredibly Hard" by Rob Bricken on gizmodo.com in 2013.[1]

Fictional biography

Pulver-Eyes is resourceful and strong with a reputation for snacking on rocks of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to a fight, his temper is fierce but he's quick to forgive and forget. Pulver-Eyes uses the Arrestor to latch on to enemies and reel them in.

Animated series

Pulver-Eyes appeared in the 1986 film GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords.


Fun Publications


Boulder appeared in Fun Publications Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric episode 11 "On the Rocks". He participated in a mission to GoBotron to sign a peace treaty with the Guardian GoBots.[2]


Pulver-Eyes was featured in the 2016 Ask Vector Prime story Echoes and Fragments, set during the events of The Transformers: The Movie. The manipulations of the evil Gong and Sideways resulted in various GoBots, Rock Lords and Starriors swapping places with characters during the events of that film.[3]

Telepictures Publications

Pulver-Eyes was among Boulder's troops in "Update From Quartex" by Telepictures Publications in Winter 1987. In the story Magmar's forces attempt to force Boulder's troops into a lava river, but they are saved when Nuggit charges in with several Rockasaurs to help.[4]


Pulver-Eyes appeared in the 1986 Tonka pack-in comic story "Powerful Living Rocks Face a Deadly New Peril".[5]

Pulver-Eyes appeared in the second Rock Lords pack-in comic story "There's Ssomething Flashing Over There Let's Go!".


  • Bandai Rock Lords GoBots Pulver-Eyes (Europe, 1986)
A release of Machine Robo Sandrock. Turns from humanoid to rock. Comes with The Arrestor weapon.
  • Tonka Rock Lords 7501 Pulver-Eyes (US and UK, 1986)
A release for Pulver-Eyes for the US.



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