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Wrecks is a GoBots character who appeared in the episode "Lost on Gobotron" and in the text story Echoes and Fragments.


Animated series

Wrecks in "Lost on GoBotron"

In "Lost on GoBotron" Wrecks was encountered by the Guardians' human allies during a visit to GoBotron, where they found him in the Old GoBotron district overseeing a gladitorial contest among the Mutants who dwelt there. He forced Matt Hunter to participate in a number of matches to earn his freedom and that of his comrades, and later interfered with Cy-Kill and the Renegades to enable their escape. He was subsequently offered membership in the Guardians, but the elderly GoBot chose to remain in Old GoBotron to care for its inhabitants.


In Echoes and Fragments by Fun Publications he and several mutants were avoided by Sideways as the villain made his way into GoBotron's depths in order to play havoc with the Omega Locks.


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