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Rock Lords character
Brimstone toy on card
First appearance

GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords, March 21, 1986
Created by

Voiced by

Richard Gautier
Release number

Species Rock Lord, Transformer
Occupation Evil Rock Warrior


Magmar's Tribe, NAILs
Rock type

Sulfur and rock

"I told you their hideout was here! It's time to show Boulder who's the boss!"

Brimstone is a fictional character from the Rock Lords series. He is an evil Rock Lord introduced in 1986.

Rock Lords

Brimstone is an evil Rock Lord warrior and second in command to Magmar. When he gets angry he breaths fire and generates rock-melting heat with a touch.

In the French Bleu, l'Enfant de la Terre series he is small, yellow and can fly.

In the IDW Publishing Transformers stories Brimstone is a Cybertronian Non-Aligned Indigenous Life-form.

He should not be confused with the Transformers characters of the same name.


Brimstone appeared in the 1986 Tonka's World of Entertainment catalog in an alternate color scheme with several major mold changed, particularly in the head and chest.


Fictional biography

Brimstone's scheming intellect makes him a deadly foe. Brimstone is always ready to step in for Magmar and take command. Brandishing The Torcher, his flame throwing weapon, he laughs wickedly as he charges fearlessly into battle.

Animated series

Bleu, l'Enfant de la Terre

Brimstone was among the Rock Lords who appeared in episode 1 of Bleu, l'Enfant de la Terre.

GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

Brimstone and Magmar in GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

Brimstonee first appeared in the 1986 film GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords as one of Magmar's minions on the planet Quartex.

Brimstone was voiced by Richard Gautier, who also provided the voice for the Transformers character Rodimus Prime.


The 1986 Rock Lords: A Giant Coloring Book by Golden, a division of Western Publishing, mentions that Brimstone breaths fire and generates rock-melting heat from a touch when he is angry.[1]


Fun Publications


In the story Cultural Appropriation by Fun Publications it was revealed that Rock Lords Brimstone, Magmar, Spearhead and Stoneheart teamed with the GoBots Bent Wing, Major Mo, Raizor, Super Couper and Tail Pipe to explore Level 34 when the Cataclysm threatened to destroy the GoBots home universe.


Tombstone was featured in the 2016 Ask Vector Prime story Echoes and Fragments, set during the events of The Transformers: The Movie. The manipulations of the evil Gong and Sideways resulted in various GoBots and Rock Lords swapping places with characters during the events of that film.[2]


Brimstone appeared in the Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric episodes 65 story "Combiner Wars Part 2". At the end of the war, Brimstone and Tombstone both tried to take Cy-Kill hostage after he mouthed off to Magmar. It didn't work out.[3]

IDW Publishing

Blurr drives past Spearhead, Nuggit, Brimstone, Boulder and Granite in "Devisive"

Boulder, Brimstone, Granite, Nuggit and Spearhead had a cameo appearance among the Non-Aligned Indigenous Life-forms Blurr drove past on Cybertron who appeared in IDW Publishing's Transformers: Robots in Disguise issue number 4 story "Devisive".

Telepictures Publications

Brimstone was among Magmar's minions in "Conquest of the Command Center!" by Telepictures Publications the Summer of 1986.[4]

Brimstone appeared in the story "Update From Quartex" as one of Magmar's minions.[5]


Magmar and his tribe in Powerful Living Rocks Face a Deadly New Peril

Brimstone appeared in the 1986 Tonka pack-in comic story "Powerful Living Rocks Face a Deadly New Peril".[6]


  • Bandai Rock Lords GoBots Brimstone (Europe, 1986)
Turns from Rock Lord to rock. Comes with The Torcher weapon.
This toy was also released in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos as Bloodyrock.
  • Tonka Rock Lords 7501 Brimstone (US and UK, 1986)
A release of Brimstone for the US and UK by Tonka.



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