Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space

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Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space is a series of comic book cover art pieces inspired by the Micronauts toy line. It was created by Brian Vox in 2018.

Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space


The story of Micronauts Protector of Inner Space centers around several characters based on Micronauts and repurposed Microman and Metal Men toys.

Heroes include: Angel Commander, Astral-Spy, Biotron, Chrono Defender, Galactic Commander, Force Commander, Galactic Defender, Galactic Warriors, Microtron, Pharoid, Space Glider and Time Travelers.

Foes include: Acrovena, Acroyear, Acroyear II, Andromeda, Antron, Baron Karza, Hornetroid, Membros, Phobos, Radon and Repto and an unnamed giant snake.

Vehicles depicted include: Battle Cruiser, Galactic Cruiser, Terraphant and Thorium Orbiter.


The plot focuses on several Micronauts who oppose the invasion of Baron Karza and his Acroyear forces and wish to recover Force Commander. During their adventures the Micronauts come into conflict with creatures from Earth as well as several aliens.


Cover Issue Plot Cast
Mpois01.jpg 1 Our soon to be brave heroes have been united by some powerful event! Although they have differences they must learn to work together against a common evil..... Baron Karza. Their immediate mission, to find the long lost Force Commander! Battle Cruiser, Galactic Defender, Galactic Warrior, Pharoid, Space Glider and Thorium Orbitors
Mpois02.jpg 2 In the chaos, our heroes have been pulled through a portal and now find themselves crash landed on a world of Giants! Battle Cruiser, Galactic Defender, Galactic Warrior, Pharoid, and Space Glider
Mpois03.jpg 3 Our team’s adventures in peril continues on the “planet of giants“! Clues are being discovered that may lead them to return home! Galactic Defender, Galactic Warrior, Pharoid, Snake and Space Glider
Mpois04.jpg 4 Our team, following the clues discovered and presented by Pharoid, have led them to an ancient tomb on earth. Buried within the tomb they find… The time chamber - their ticket back to their own universe. Shocking, but not nearly as shocking as what they find inside…! Pharoid
Mpois05.jpg 5 Our heroes have successfully opened a riff back to their universe! But upon returning, they appear right in the middle of a massive battle! Home sweet home! Galactic Defender, Galactic Warrior, Pharoid, and Space Glider
Mpois06.jpg 6 Here she comes! Our team returns to inner space only to find themselves right in the middle of a massive battleagainst Karza’s Acroyear forces. Galactic defender leads them to enlist the aid of Angel Commander! She is a bad ass in her own right and is leading her squad of the galactic defense force against the Acroyear attacks on micron! The team is now complete… For now… Angel Commander and Galactic Defenders
Mpois07.jpg 7 Upon their return to enter space, our team joins the massive battle against the Acroyear forces and the Baron! Massive losses on both sides… The battle rages so intensely that success is doubtful. Strategically they separate the battle cruiser into a different components! A mysterious inner space anomaly appears that catapults our heroes into distant quadrants! Now separated, they must fight on their own and hope to survive! Battle Cruisers and Thorium Orbitors
Mpois08.jpg 8 Our team has been separated, and each of the members flying off into deep microspace! In this issue, we see galactic warrior stranded on a dark foreboding world! There he finds a small group of microversians that welcome him. They have been terrorized by a mysterious robotic entity. Now it is time for galactic warrior’s showdown with Radon! Galactic Warrior and Radon
Mpois09.jpg 9 Space glider has crash landed on a distant world in the far away thoraxid galaxy. He finds himself menaced by a swarm of dangerous alien Antrons! What is the dark secret they protect within their hive? Antrons and Space Glider
Mpois10.jpg 10 Team separated, Defender and Angel find themselves isolated on the distant world of Sauria! An inhospitable desert world, they face off against the deadly Repto! His helmet damaged, will Defender be able to prove himself to Angel Commander? Galactic Defender, Angel Commander and Repto
Mpois11.jpg 11 A “TB2” rescue unit containing Biotron and Microtron has been dispatched to the far fringes to aid and rescue our team! The team now reassembled and spirits bolstered from their individual warrior isolations are now ready to resume their direct battle against the malignant overlord known as Karza! Biotron, Microtron and the Battle Cruiser
Mpois12.jpg 12 Our brave Micronauts team decides to take the battle to the Baron! But what waits them? Baron Karza and the Battle Cruiser
Mpois13.jpg 13 Our team has been led into a diabolical trap by the terrible Baron Karza! Now only Galactic Defender is their only hope! Galactic Defender
Mpois14.jpg 14 A reflection on the dark fall of a once valiant and tactically brilliant commander ... Acroyear, Acoryear II, Baron Karza
Mpois15.jpg 15 We find Glider and Angel on the fringe world of Visceros during a reconnaissance mission. There they come face to face with the Membros - hunters and their ominous Terraphants! Angel Commander, the Photon Sled, Space Glider and Terraphant
Mpois16.jpg 16 The Acroyear forces stage a massive attack on the micronauts home planet of Micron! Their forces or more horrific than ever! With the Baron defeated, what could be The source of their intense focus and power?? Acroyears and Giant Acroyear
Mpois17.jpg 17 The source of the Acroyear’s powerful attack is revealed! The ferocious Acroyear general Acrovena! Now our heroes must overcome her evil command! Acrovena, Acroyears, Galactic Defender and Angel Commander
Mpois18.jpg 18 The Acroyear forces led by General Acrovena tighten their destructive hold on inner space! Their focal target - Osira; homeworld of Pharoid! What secret powe do the Acroyears crave? Can our band of heroes and the forces they rally defend the planet from eminent doom? This cover features the Cruiser Sentinel - a fast and powerful tool in protecting populations! Galactic Defender, Acroyears and the Galactic Cruiser
Mpois19.jpg 19 While the all out war rages on Osira, a dark shape is located high above Osira! Without warning, the object enters the fray! Enter Phobos! Not of Acrotech origin it begins attacking the population of the planet and both the galactic defense soldiers AND Acroyear forces alike! Powerful mind-scrambling pulses emit from it’s horns! Plunging the battle into further chaos, the Biotron seems to be our heroes only hope! What is the purpose of this unholy terror? Biotron, Phobos, Space Glider and Time Travelers
Mpois20.jpg 20 “The battle you’ve demanded” Indeed! The battle cry heard round the Micro Dimension... Acrovena must fall! Acrovena and Angel Commander
Mpois21.jpg 21 With Karza Acrovena defeated and Baron Karza gone, the team determines to keep peace in the micro-dimension. Can it be a lasting peace? Space Glider
Mpois22.jpg 22 The return of one of the “hunters of Visceros”! The Membros hunter has been Irradiated and upgraded with new weaponry to hunt our team down and capture them! What nefarious purpose is at work here? Who is in control of this slithery demonic beast? Membros
Mpois23.jpg 23 The Micronauts have been captured and delivered to.... Baron Karza! Karza has reconfigured his body into an even more dreadful form and pits brother against brother in a ploy to make his foes destroy each other! Baron Karza with Andromeda, Galactic Warrior and Space Glider
Mpois24.jpg 24 Our team struggles in their face off against the twisted Baron Karza! Our heroes manage to break away from the dark villain and regroup. It is now more vital than ever that they find and resurrect the long lost Force Commander! New beings appear to aid in the battle and give insight to our team! They appear to be citizens of Micron, but with a shimmering transparency and glowing energy. They are the true Time Travelers! Can they help our team find their old leader? Will the force commander be resurrected? And most importantly… Can they triumph over the vice like grip Karza holds over the subatomic dimension? Time Travelers
Mpois25.jpg 25 Heroes strong and bonded! Force Commander found! So begins the final 12 episodes in the “Protectors” saga! Will they defeat the malignant control-mad Baron Karza? What perils will they face? What new characters will be revealed? The answers to all these questions, and More , will be unveiled as we spear straight into “the heart of darkness”!! Force Commander, Galactic Warrior, Galactic Defender, Lady Commander, Pharoid and Space Glider
Mpois26.jpg 26 With Force Commander returned and knowing a weakness in Karza, a new member of the team adds a last crucial clue as to finding Karza! The Astral-Spy ; hey master at deception and infiltration might just hold the final key! Astral-Spy, Galactic Warrior and Space Glider
Mpois27.jpg 27 Our heroes have fought through many harrowing battles and challenges! With the resurrection of Force Commander they are ready to face the final battle against Baron Karza! Baron Karza, Galactic Defender, Pharoid and Space Glider
Mpois28.jpg 28 Baron Karza has finally been defeated... but at what cost? In the aftermath of the final conflict our heroes must find their way in a microverse depleted of the Baron and his Acroyear threat. Angel Commander, Astral Spy, Force Commander, Galactic Defender, Galactic Warrior, Pharoid and Space Glider
Mpois29.jpg 29 Our team spearheads forward into the fringes of the micro universe on their continued mission to rid the realm of evil in it’s varied forms! And… Here is the appearance we have been waiting for… The Hornetroid! Astral Spy, Hornetroid and Space Glider
Mpois30.jpg 30 An unsettling darkness is building in the microverse. As our team heads to the fringes of the micro realm, they begin to increasingly encounter never before seen alien menaces, and something is amiss with in the team itself… Repto

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