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Micronauts character
Mego Membros on card
First appearance

Micronauts volume 1 number 8 by Image Comics
Created by

Mego Corp.
Release number

Aliases Slugman
Species Membros
Occupation Bounty Hunter (Image Comics)
Emmisary of Red Falcon (Devil's Due Publishing)
Interrogator (IDW Publishing)

  • Energy blasts
  • Universal translator

Psycho-Man (Marvel Comics)
Red Falcon (Devil's Due Publishing)
Ministry of Science (IDW Publishing)
Dark Storm (Protectors of Inner Space)

"Allow me to introduce myself, yes? I am Membros, chief Ministry of Science interrogator."

Membros is a fictional character in the Micronauts series. He is an evil alien humanoid slug introduced as a toy in 1979. He did not appear in Micronauts fiction until 2004.


Membros are evil humanoid slug aliens in the Micronauts series. Membros comes from the planet Visceros, which is also the homeworld of Terraphant.

Advertisements referred to Antron and Membros as androids, but the the word seemed to be used to mean cyborgs.[1]

The package for Ampzilla mentions that Antron or Membros can fit inside Ampzilla.

In a Mego catalog a Membros can be seen piloting Iguanos and Terraphant.[2]


Membros was designed by California R&D for Mego under the name Slugman. He was designed to look like a yellow and green humanoid sea slug in armor. This version of Membros had hands that held a gun instead of cuffs with 5mm pegs.

The prototype figure for Membros was colorful, and use 5mm cuffs for hands.

Membros was released as part of the 4th wave of Mego Micronauts in 1979. Versions of this toy were also released by Gig, Lion Rock and Pin Pin Toys.

Membros was released by Palisades in 2003 in four retail color variants, plus the exclusive Bio-Scan version. Bio-Scan Membros was brainchild of Kristof Erkiletian and the initial cost was funded by him personally while Ray Miller and his wife did all the shipping and handling.

Ray Miller mentioned another recolor Membros Palisades had planned for Palisades on Facebook in 2018.

Another alternate to the black Membros that didn't make the final cut was one with transparent red arms. I have one of the test shots. I call him "Bloodworm Membros", since he sort of has Dracula colors... Yeah, I really like him. Shame it didn't make final production. But - given the issues with the transparent plastic and the faulty inner blister that stressed the elbow joints to breaking - it probably would only have given us another figure with a high critical failure... I think there are probably less than a half-dozen of this test shot out there.

In 2004 Bryan Wilkinson posted the concept of the clear yellow Membros being a fungus-like creature called an Embros which was mimicking Membros DNA.[3]

In 2018 Mathew Robert Ignash released several replacement parts for Membros on Shapeways.

Fictional biography

Slithery Skinned Invader from the Remote World of Visceros
A sight any Micronaut explorer dreads detecting in his Bioscanners, these radioactive wraiths haunt the battle fields of Visceros. The deadly Membros wanders the dark craters of it's home world, stalking friend and foe alike, polluted by radiation spilling from the fractured atomic piles once powering their demolished Terraphant battletanks.


1979 Marvel Comics

Membros was the only Micronauts alien figure not to appeared in the Marvel Comics Micronauts series.

In 2005 The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Fantastic Four in stated that several Antron, Membros and Repto androids worked for Psycho-Man.

2004 Image Comics

Membros in Micronauts volume 1 number 8 by Image Comics

A group of bounty hunters including Antron, Centaurus, Kronos, Lobros, Membros and Repto briefly fought Micronauts when they arrived in Chicago during Baron Karza's invasion in Micronauts volume 1 number 8 by Image Comics.

2004 Devil's Due Publishing

Membros in Micronauts volume 2 number 2 by Devil's Due Publishing

Membros appeared in the Devil's Due Publishing Micronauts comics which continued the story from Image Comics. Membros was the emissary of the new Red Falcon in issue 2. He approached Lady Karza in forming an alliance against Maruunus Ki and King Atlas.

2016 IDW Publishing

In the IDW Publishing series Membros is depicted as an individual, not an alien race.

Membros is chief interrogator for the Ministry of Science.

2018 Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space

Membros is among the cast in the 2018 art series Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space by Brian Vox. Membros hunters who ride Terraphants are mentioned in the plot of issue 15. A radioactive Membros appears on the cover of issue 17. This version of Membros was based on the Palisades Radioactive Membros toy.

Another Membros named Necros appeared on the cover of issue 31. This character is based on a custom all-black Membros figure with an added Centaurus gas mask, Repto blaster with a Hydra Pipe in his left hand and cape.


Membros appeared in a 1979 toy commercial along with the other 5 Micronauts alien action figures. He was described as "the brain".[4]


  • Mego Micronauts Membros (1979)
A new mold. This 1:18 scale figure comes with two cuffs, Hydra-Laser, Blaster, backpack, hydra-pipe and removable brain.
This figure was remolded into the Lords of Light Aloros.
His blaster was remolded into the blaster horns on the unreleased Iguanos toy.
The lower legs of Membros were reused on the Liberio toy prototype.
The torso and limbs of Membros were to be reused on the unreleased Palisades toy Anuboid.
  • Gig Micronauti Membros
Sold in Italy by Gig, this toy was identical to the Mego version.
  • Lion Rock Micronauts Membros
This version of Membros came with only his brain and a Time Traveler seat adapter peg. It was missing the weapons, cuffs, hose and backpack.
  • Pin Pin Toys Micronauts Membros
A release of the Mego toy in France by Pin Pin Toys.
  • Palisades Micronauts Membros (2003)
A recolor of the Mego toy with an added pair of hands and a stand. The hydra-pipe was also made longer.
This toy came in four color variations: Red/yellow, black/grey, clear/black and translucent yellow/blue. Each produced in equal numbers.
The yellow version of Membros was repurposed as the Embros.
  • Palisades Micronauts Radioactive Membros (2003)
This version of the figure is cast in glow-in-the-dark green plastic.
  • Palisades Micronauts Bio-Scan Membros (2003)
A release of Palisades Membros in translucent green/yellow plastic with glitter. A new color sticker was pack in this version of Membros to match it's new colors.
Due to a manufacturing error some Bio-Scan Membros figures were made with the yellow parts done with the translucent green as well. This error version also has the red Membros sticker packed in the card.
About 300 pieces were produced.
  • Palisades Micronauts Bloodworm Membros (2003)
A limited number of test shots were of Bloodworm Membros were produced, although the toy never went into general production.



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