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Acroyear II is a fictional character from the Micronauts series.



According to Bryan Wilkinson on Facebook, when Palisades Toys was first planning on Micronauts toys to release they had hoped to release Acroyear II in blue, green, red and silver. This toy was never released by Palisades Toys.

Concept art for a new version of Acroyear II was done by Dave Waugh as part pf Palisades wave 3, although the figure was never produced.[1]


1979 Marvel Comics

Acroyear II was Prince Shaitan of Spartak, Acroyear's evil brother. Unlike the rest of his ebon-skinned race, Shaitan was an albino, and was driven to insane madness because of this. Shaitan was killed by his brother in issue 12

He was returned to life by the Faceless Ones, only to be killed again in issue 28.


  • Mego Micronauts Acroyear II
  • Microtron inspired the Microborgs character Super Acroyear.



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